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GEM Awards logo

What are the GEM Awards?

The Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Awards are a way for us to celebrate our contractors’ and consultants’ successes, and exhibit the outstanding examples of our diverse range of activities on the state highway network.

Through these awards, we acknowledge our suppliers’ commitment to our priorities and quality industry standards. They are a fantastic way to celebrate and recognise the work that can sometimes go unseen but that touches everyday New Zealanders.

Who is eligible to enter the GEM Awards 2016?

Any contractor or consultant who provided a service to the NZ Transport Agency’s Highways and Network Operations group between January 2015 and April 2016 is eligible to enter the GEM Awards 2016.

GEM Awards categories

Please send your completed applications to 

Customer Care

Demonstrate that customer care is embedded into your company’s culture and is evident in your day-to-day work.

Download the application form [DOCX, 477 KB]

Connecting with Our Community

Demonstrate how you have engaged with the community beyond the normal expectations.

Download the application form [DOCX, 557 KB]

Customer Champion

Demonstrate individual or team acts of customer service excellence, either in a time of crisis or over a prolonged period.

Download the application form [DOCX, 603 KB]

Keeping Customers Moving

Show evidence of minimising dissatisfaction due to travel delays during maintenance or construction projects and enabling customers to understand and predict journey times.

Download the application form [DOCX, 615 KB]

Protecting the Environment

Demonstrate how you have gone beyond the normal expectations to protect the environment.

Download the application form [DOCX, 547 KB]

Teaming Up

Demonstrate how your company has effectively collaborated and teamed up in your delivery of projects or programmes.

Download the application form [DOCX, 771 KB]


Demonstrate innovation in design, process improvement or physical works delivery that led to increased value for money.

Download the application form [DOCX, 1.3 MB]

Zero Harm

Demonstrate through either a project or company-wide example excellence in health and safety which has resulted in a dynamic safety culture focussed on making sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day, no exceptions.

Download the application form [DOCX, 1 MB]

Safety in Design

Demonstrate how a safety in design process has been applied to a project which will lead to improved health and safety outcomes for workers either during construction or in maintenance and operations.   

Download the application form [DOCX, 396 KB]

Supreme Award

Awarded to the outstanding performance in Going the Extra Mile.

Please send your completed applications to 

Application templates

Word template

Download your Word template [DOCX, 96 KB]

PowerPoint template

Download your PowerPoint template [PPTX, 735 KB]

The fine print

View the NZ Transport Agency GEM Awards terms and conditions. [DOCX, 98 KB]

Important dates

Friday 15 July  Entries close at 12pm
Tuesday 23 August Finalists notified by email
Thursday 22 September  GEM Awards ceremony at the Maritime Museum, Viaduct Basin

Contact us

For more information about the GEM Awards, email us at

Previous GEM Awards winners