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Our work and how we do it

Our work is diverse, and to do it we need a range of people, with diverse skills and experience. Within this one organisation, there are many career paths.

Our work

Keeping New Zealanders moving efficiently and safely across the country spans a wide range of activities:

  • Partnering and investment. We help local councils plan and fund their transport networks to keep communities thriving and growing.
  • Network infrastructure. We manage some of the largest infrastructure projects in the country and maintain more than 11,000 kilometres of state highway to keep goods and people moving across the country.
  • Customer use. It’s our job to keep the land transport network safe for people to use. That’s everything from public education on travelling safely, to promoting safer vehicles that reduce accidents, to helping people get their driver licence. We look after our customers through 1.8 million calls a year and another 2.2 million requests from our website or through social media.
  • Organisational capability. Then there’s the job of looking after more than 1,400 people in our 14 offices around New Zealand, who work with contractors, partners and communities across the country.

Find out more about our purpose and priorities

How we work

At the Transport Agency, how we do things is just as important as what we do, and we believe that the way we behave says a lot about the kind of organisation we are.

It’s important to us that every time we interact with our customers, communities, partners, agents, contractors, stakeholders and each other it’s a positive experience that builds confidence and trust.

These are the behaviours we reflect in the way we do things:

  • Sign up – we commit to where we’re going and put our heart into what we do. We get engaged every day.
  • Team up – we enjoy the people we work with and appreciate their talents. We find solutions for our customers with joined-up thinking.
  • Front up – we are courageous. We tackle the difficult issues. We know our value and bring it to our work with confidence and good judgement.

Sign up

Team up

Front up

Growth from diversity

We value the different perspectives and ideas that come from having people from different walks of life.  At the Transport Agency we believe that a wide range of experience and points of view are critical to growth and innovation.

EEO Employers Group

We’re a member of the EEO (external link) Employers Group. Members of this group endeavour to recruit, reward and develop employees on the basis of merit; we recognise that effectively managing New Zealand's diverse population can lead to increased creativity, engagement and productivity.