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More than 400 people die on New Zealand roads each year. Hundreds more are injured. We’re working together with other agencies to bring these numbers down to the targets of the New Zealand road safety strategy.

In this section you can learn all about our advertising campaign - how it works and why we focus on certain areas and target specific people.

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About the road safety campaign

The national road safety advertising and enforcement campaign focuses on specific high and medium priorities identified in Safer Journeys - the NZ road safety strategy to 2020. These priorities are speed, drink-driving, drug affected driving, vehicle safety and fatigue.

Drug affected driving ads

This campaign aims to spur debate and encourage conversation about drug driving.

Young driver ads

This campaign encourages parents and caregivers of teen drivers to stay involved in their teen's driving throughout the restricted phase of their licence.

Vehicle safety ads

This campaign aims to encourage New Zealanders to buy the safest vehicle they can afford.

Drink-driving ads

Our campaign aims to change the behaviour of young drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol.

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Speed ads

Our speed campaign aims to convince the target audience that driving at any speed above the speed limit is dangerous.

Fatigue ads

Our fatigue campaign aims to get people to acknowledge that the level of tiredness they experience when driving can be dangerous.

Driver distraction ads

This campaign aims to show people who think they can safely use a phone and drive that they can’t. A distracted driver is an irresponsible driver.