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Vehicle safety advertisements

Updated: 9 April 2015

Our vehicle safety campaign focuses on vehicle safety and vehicle maintenance. We want people to buy the safest car they can afford, and to keep it safe, we want car owners to regularly check and maintain their vehicle.

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All cars come with some safety features. Some are compulsory - you won't get a warrant of fitness without them – but others are extras that you can choose when you buy a car. A car with better safety features can reduce your risk of being in a crash and improve your chance of surviving one.

Find out more about buying a safer car at:

To maintain a safe car, you need to carry out regular safety checks. It doesn't take long to do a quick safety check on the higher-safety risk parts of your car, e.g. tyres, lights, indicators etc. And if something is wrong, take it to an expert.

Find good advice on how to check your car at: