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GEM awards 2015

Updated: 28 May 2015

Recognising and celebrating suppliers who ‘Go the Extra Mile’ for customer service and safety.

What are the GEM Awards?

The GEM Awards (Going the Extra Mile) are a way for us to recognise and celebrate our contractors and suppliers who go the extra mile for customer service and safety, and who show their commitment to our priorities and quality industry standards.

'Putting customers at the heart of our business' is one of our top strategic priorities. Every interaction a customer has with us and our suppliers affects our reputation and their belief and trust in us to build a safe and efficient transport system. These awards are a fantastic way to acknowledge the work of our suppliers that can sometimes go unseen but not untouched by everyday New Zealanders

The 2015 GEM Awards are now open

The GEM Awards 2015 are now open for applications in seven categories, which reflect our priorities. Completed applications need to be received by 5pm on 17th July 2015. 

Who is eligble to enter the 2015 GEM Awards?

Any contractor or consultant who provided a service to the NZ Transport Agency's Highway and Network Operations group between January 2014 and April 2015 is eligible to enter the 2015 GEM Awards.

How to apply

You will need to use our GEM awards submission templates below for you application, as well as filling in the application form for the category for which you are applying.

Send your completed application to us at by 5pm on 17th July 2015.

GEM Awards categories


Demonstrate that 'Customer Care' is embedded into the company's culture and is part of their day to day work.

Download your application form

Connecting with
our Community

Demonstrate engaging with the community beyond the normal expectations.

Download your application form

Customer Champion

Demonstrate individual or team act(s) of customer service excellence either in a time of crisis or over a prolonged period that relates to a Transport Agency situation.

Download your application form

Health & Safety

Demonstrate that health and safety practices are embedded into the company's culture, including the development and application of new learnings.

Download your application form

customers moving

Show evidence of minimising dissatisfaction due to travel delays during maintenance or construction projects. Allowing customers to be able to predict journey times. Communicating any changes in journey times within adequate timeframes.

Download your application form

Protecting the Environment

Demonstrate going beyond the normal expectations in respect to protecting the environment in either maintaining or undertaking project work for the Transport agency

Download your application form

Teaming Up

Demonstrate where your company has shown collaboration and teaming up in your business deliver for the Transport Agency projects or maintenance activities.

Download your application form

The fine print

View the NZ Transport Agency GEM awards terms and conditions (Docx, 99 KB)

Important dates

17 July 2015 (5pm)

Applications close

End of August 2015

Finalists notified by email

24 September 2015

GEM Awards ceremony at the Maritime Museum Viaduct Basin

Contact us

For more information about the GEM awards, please contact us at