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GEM awards

Updated: 23 May 2014

Recognising and celebrating suppliers who ‘Go the Extra Mile’ for customer service and safety.

Who is eligible to enter the 2014 GEM awards?

Any contractor or consultant, who provided a service to the NZTA's Highway and Network Operations Group between January 2013 and April 2014, is eligible to enter the 2014 GEM Awards.

GEM awards categories

There are awards across six categories:

Category Description Click to download entry form
Customer Care Culture Demonstrate that customer care is embedded into a company's culture and is part of their day-to-day work. Customer Care Culture Entry Form (Word, 2 pages, 182 KB)
Customer Champion Demonstrate individual or team act(s) of customer service excellence either in a time of crisis of over a prolonged period that relates to a Transport Agency situation. Customer Champion Entry Form (Word, 2 pages, 181 KB)
Teaming Up Demonstrate where your company has shown collaboration and 'Teaming Up' in your business delivery for Transport Agency projects or maintenance activities. Teaming Up Entry Form
(Word, 2 pages, 183 KB)
Keeping Customers Moving Demonstrate evidence of minimising dissatisfaction due to travel delays during maintenance or construction projects. Keeping Customers Moving Entry Form
(Word, 2 pages, 182 KB)
Connecting with the Community Demonstrate engaging with a community beyond the normal expectations. Connecting with the Community Entry Form
(Word, 2 pages, 182 KB)
Health and Safety Demonstrate that health and safety practices are embedded into the company's culture, including the development and application of new learnings. Health and Safety Entry Form
(Word, 2 pages, 182 KB)


Entries close: Friday 25 July 2014 5pm
Finalists announced: End of August 2014
Awards event: Thursday 25 September 2014

Finalists in each category are invited to attend the awards ceremony in Auckland.

Great customer service is vital to us

'Putting customers at the heart of our business' is one of the NZ Transport Agency's top strategic priorities. Improving customer service is one of the ways we are putting this into practice. Every interaction a customer has with us, or our suppliers, affects our reputation and their belief and trust in us to build a safe and efficient transport system for New Zealanders.

We are committed to continually improving customer service to:

  • provide the road users of New Zealand the best possible product, outcome and experience, and to
  • present the NZ Transport Agency, and our suppliers, as professional and responsive.

Worksite safety is a heightened area of importance for us

Just as we are focused on improving the safety of our customers as they use our road networks, we also wish to ensure that those who are engaged developing, operating and maintaining our networks do so in the safest possible environment.

We are committed to continually working with our suppliers to:

  • improve the safety of all people undertaking work for us, and to
  • reduce the risk to others who enter our work sites.

Contact us

For more information about the GEM awards, please contact us at

The fine print

View the NZ Transport Agency GEM awards terms and conditions (PDF, 1 page, 28 KB)