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Working at the NZTA

Updated: 11 February 2014

At the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), it all starts with our people. We are project managers, advisors, transport officers, planners, engineers, customer service representatives, analysts, lawyers, auditors, trainers, accountants, contract managers, administrators, solution architects….

Whatever your role is in the NZTA, we're all about working together to create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand.

We are New Zealand's transport agency and every New Zealander is our customer. We work for every person who depends on transport. Our work spans everything from helping a new driver to complete their licence application to participating in discussions on how cities plan and fund their transport needs, from working on safety campaigns to investing in expressways.

We are big, complex and we get things done.

The NZTA offers diverse career opportunities in a dynamic and challenging sector, and we’re looking for skilled and experienced people to join us. If this sounds like the type of place you'd like to work then read on.

Hear what Geoff Dangerfield, our Chief Executive, has to say about the NZTA and what some of our people think about working here.

At the end of this clip, there are a range of pod casts from recent media coverage of transport issues in New Zealand.

Find out more about who we are, our responsibilities and how we work with others.