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About Exchange

Updated: 9 July 2012

The Public Transport Leadership Forum's (PTLF) quarterly e-newsletter. Exchange informs transport sector leaders and rail, bus, and ferry operators across New Zealand about its vision, synergies and strategies to improve the effectiveness of public transport.

It's about helping to create a collective desire and drive to improve the effectiveness of public transport.

ISSN: 2230-5432

  • Exchange issue 6 - Winter 2012
    • Record breaking high for Hawke's Bay public transport
    • Revamped shelters spring up in Dunedin streets
    • Snow ploughing train goes viral
    • Transport users benefit from shared txtBUS service
    • Bikes on board
  • Exchange issue 5 - Autumn 2012
    • New framework for public transport announced
    • Long-awaited Auckland transport project underway
    • Change due for Wellington City bus services
    • EMUs introduced into Auckland's rail fleet
    • Auckland ferry timetable trial a hit
    • Published public transport research
  • Exchange issue 4 - Spring 2011
    • Auckland has a new Link Bus service
    • Modern new trains on the cards for Auckland
    • Christchurch exchange brings more passengers on board
    • A-PASS was successful in Auckland
    • RWC customer service training 'had positive impact'
  • Exchange issue 3 - Winter 2011
    • Rugby World Cup training up and running for BCA members
    • Real time Metlink info a reality in Wellington
    • Twin City bus service proves a success
    • Horizons awarded Massey Business Award
    • To integrate transport and land use - case study
    • Flash new ferry will beat road journey time hands down
  • Exchange issue 2 - Autumn 2011
    • PTOM - A new way of working to deliver public transport services
    • Christchurch bus service update
    • The Japanese tsunami's devastating effect on public transport
    • The PTLF off to a good start
    • RUB consultation is underway
    • Public transport research update
    • National standard for integrated ticketing equipment a few steps closer
  • Exchange issue 1 - Summer 2010
    • A brief exchange on Exchange
    • PTLF - our collective transport voice
    • Reviewing bus quality standards
    • Rail renaissance builds a solid platform
    • A smart way to world-class integrated ticketing

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