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What we do

We create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand through our four functions.

We aim to achieve a range of outcomes. These include better use of existing transport capacity, more efficient freight and a resilient and secure transport network. It also involves easing severe urban congestion, achieving more efficient vehicle fleets, reductions in deaths and serious injuries from road crashes, more transport mode choices and a reduction in adverse environmental effects from land transport.

Our role and priorities

What we're here to do and the government priorities we're working to achieve.

Our legal framework

The range of Acts, regulations and rules that determine what we do and how we do it.

Measuring our performance

We have two documents that together measure how well we're meeting our responsibilities and objectives.

We also participate in an across-government annual performance benchmarking of six core administrative and support functions.


Safer Journeys
The Safer Journeys road safety strategy introduces the Safe System approach.


Did you know?
…state highways cover 10,894 km of the country.