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The Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing 2007 requires taxis operating in major towns and cities to have:

  • mandatory in-vehicle camera systems
  • mandatory telecommunications systems to include 24-hour, seven-days-a week monitoring from a fixed location, and an emergency alert and response facility.

Approved in-vehicle security camera systems

The following have been approved as in-vehicle security camera systems for the purpose of the Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing 2007.

Approved make and modelDate approved
VerifEye TaxiCamQC MKIV Rev G 28 Feb 2011
Taxi Sentinel J250-4 3 March 2011
Sigtec Snapshot Mark4 Camera PV3040.001 9 March 2011
IVSE Mini 3 Series 22 March 2011
Indigo Security
Model: HDV04P
13 April 2011
Model: TaxiTrek T1
20 April 2011

Model: DS-8104HM-M

21 April 2011
SOSS-TB-420SP CAM420SP 21 April 2011
KD 300 - 3rd Eye
Model: MDR5015
16 May 2011
Model: AVTS8
16 May 2011
* Taxi Guard
Model: TXDVCM04
9 June 2011
DTY MV757 5 July 2011
Cozy Livecam 4 August 2011
Model: Taximon 1104
22 August 2011

Seorim Technology
Model: F1-110G

9 November 2012
BLTC (Batterylink Taxi Camera)
Model: SDVR002
22 April 2013
BLTC (Batterylink Taxi Camera)
Model: MDR5015
22 April 2013
Model: VT411
14 October 2013
Hi-Tech Taxi Cameras
Model: VJT100
10 January 2014
TaxiPro Security Camera System TP100 5 September 2014
Lintek Global
Model: Taxi Trek T2
13 July 2016

Model: VJT200

28 February 2017

* This in-vehicle security camera system is currently under review by the NZ Transport Agency to ensure that it meets all the requirements of a taxi camera as required by the Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing Amendment (2) 2010.

In-service security camera certifiers

Bentech Limited
Carl Benton
7 Colombo Street, Frankton, Hamilton
021 369422

Electronic Design Solutions
Brent Brown
9 Titoki Place, Pukete, Hamilton
07 849 0069

How to get approval for a camera system

Read the guides below to find out what is required and how to get your system approved.

Guidelines for suppliers of in-vehicle security camera systems for taxis in New Zealand [PDF, 600 KB]
Application for the approval of an in-vehicle taxi camera security system for New Zealand [PDF, 83 KB]

Information for purchasing a camera system

There are important things you should note when purchasing an in-vehicle security camera system:

  • There is no limit to the number of camera systems that the Transport Agency may approve.
  • The Transport Agency will be updating the list regularly as new approvals are made.
  • The camera system you install must be a system approved by the Transport Agency. Do not consider installing a system which is not approved.
  • The above approvals are based on the requirements defined in the Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing 2007.
  • The Transport Agency has no preference as to which camera system is the best.
  • The Transport Agency does not provide any assurances in regards to the quality or on-going performance of any approved system; or the reputation of any supplier.
  • The Transport Agency advises purchasers to thoroughly investigate prices, service provision, warranty options and special features of each camera system.
  • The Transport Agency also advises purchasers to be sure that suitable maintenance and product support for the system is readily available.

Audio recording of passengers in taxis

The Transport Agency and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) have raised concerns about the use of audio recording in taxis. Please read the following letter and factsheet to ensure you are aware of these issues.

If a taxi organisation would like clarification about the general issues raised by this matter under the Act, then it can contact the OPC's enquiry line on 0800 803 909 or email

Audio recording of passengers in taxis (letter from the NZ Transport Agency) [PDF, 36 KB]
Guidance for taxi organisations on audio recording (factsheet from the Privacy Commissioner) [PDF, 636 KB]

More information

Read the Operator Licensing Amendment (No 2) 2010 questions and answers (external link)

Call our contact centre for advice on and help with complying with all transport-related rules, regulations, and vehicle standards and requirements.