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Work time and logbook requirements

Updated: 16 March 2015

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'Work time' is a legal term that means the maximum number of hours a driver of a commercial or heavy motor vehicle is allowed to work, including driving, before they must take a rest.

Restricting the work time hours of those who drive these types of vehicle helps to reduce the risk of fatigue - however, driving within the regulated work time hours is no guarantee that your driving will not be impaired by fatigue.

Who do the work time and logbook rules apply to?

Find out more about work time and logbooks.

You can also read more about fatigue in the commercial road transport toolkit for drivers and operators.


A number of providers in New Zealand offer training on work time and logbooks. More information is available through the NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation (Inc) (MITO), the training organisation for the road transport industry.

How we can help

If you would like to know more about the approval process for an electronic logbook the following link will take you to the appropriate application and guideline documents.

Call our contact centre for advice on and help with complying with all transport-related rules, regulations, and vehicle standards and requirements.


Safe and efficient driving
Be aware of the important safety issues for commercial drivers.


Operating a vehicle working on critical agricultural tasks?
You may be able to apply for a 'variation' to legal work time hours.