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Taxis, shuttles, buses and other passenger services

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Passenger services provide New Zealanders and visitors to New Zealand with essential and wide-ranging transport solutions - taking them and their belongings to the places they want to go.

As a vital part of New Zealand's transport infrastructure, these services are required to meet exacting legal, safety and operational standards, while ensuring they deliver efficient and effective experiences for their customers.


Check the legal requirements...
for operating a passenger service business

Types of passenger service

Learn about the types of passenger service available in New Zealand, and the types of vehicle providing these services.

Driving a passenger service vehicle

All passenger service drivers must meet a number of legal, safety and other requirements.

Running a passenger service

Setting up a passenger service business is a major decision. Find out about your legal and other responsibilities.

Using a passenger service

Find out about your rights and responsibilities as a passenger service user, and how to make a complaint.