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Advanced driving skills courses

Updated: 11 December 2014

Advanced driving courses are designed to help you identify and avoid or handle potential hazards that you may encounter when driving.

They teach skills that can help reduce the likelihood of you being involved in a crash, such as eye scanning while driving, hazard identification and risk management.

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Passing an approved advanced driving course can:

  • reduce the minimum age at which you can get a full car from 18 years to 17½ years, and
  • reduce the time you need to stay on a restricted car licence – by either three or six months, depending on your age.

You can undertake an approved driving course once you have obtained your learner or restricted car licence.

Approved advanced driving course providers

There are two approved advanced driving courses, both intended for drivers of all ages. Contact the course providers for further information or to take a course.

Defensive driving course

The defensive driving course is available throughout New Zealand, provided by trainers who are affiliated to the AA (New Zealand Automobile Association) Driving School. Successfully completing a defensive driving course reduces your time on a restricted licence and may also count towards gaining a NZQA qualification.

Street Talk

Street Talk courses are offered through the following organisations. As well as reducing your time on a restricted licence, completing a Street Talk course may also count towards gaining a NZQA qualification.

  • Manukau Urban Maori Authority (MUMA) (Auckland region only)
    0800 WAATEA
    0800 922 832
    After hours: 0274 922 555
  • New Zealand Institute of Driver Educators (NZIDE)
    0800 STREET TALK
    0800 787338
  • Passrite Driving Academy
    Contact: Mark Chapman
    0800 PASSRITE
    0800 727774
    09 636 0111

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