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Replacing or changing your licence

Updated: 10 December 2014

Can't find your driver licence? Whether it's lost or stolen, you need to replace it as soon as possible. This will automatically cancel your old licence and reduce the opportunity for others to use it fraudulently. You can also apply to replace your licence at any time if it's damaged or you've changed your name.

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Act quickly if you've lost your licence

By acting promptly to replace or renew your lost or stolen licence you'll reduce the opportunity for it to be used in identity crime. If you can't get to one of our driver licensing agents, then contact us to cancel your licence.

How to replace your licence

Visit any of our driver licensing agents and:

Your replacement licence will have the same expiry date as your previous licence. But if you prefer, you may be able to renew your licence for up to 10 years. The fee will depend on the licence classes you are renewing.

Remember to replace your licence quickly

There are two good reasons to replace your lost or stolen licence as quickly as you can:

  • You need to carry your licence at all times when driving. If you're stopped by the NZ Police and can't produce your current driver licence, you can be fined.
  • Your licence contains a number of your personal details (including your name, date of birth, licence number, a copy of your signature and possibly your address). This is one reason why many organisations, including banks and finance companies, accept licences as identity documents. Because of this your lost or stolen licence could be used in identity fraud, such as obtaining finance in your name.

You're overseas and you've lost your licence?

You can apply for a replacement licence when you're overseas. Find out how.

Found your old licence?

If you later find your old licence, hand it in to any driver licensing agent or mail it to our Palmerston North Office. This ensures that it can't be used fraudulently.

Changing the name on your licence

If you legally change your name, you can apply to change it on your driver licence. You'll need to provide evidence of your name change. This can include the originals of documents such as:

  • a marriage or civil union certificate
  • a dissolution of marriage or civil union order
  • a statutory declaration, deed poll change of name or a name change certificate issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Certificate of Annulment

How to apply to change your name on your licence

You can:

If you've changed names several times, the agent may request to see all of your original certificates and name change documents. This is so they can track the name on your current licence through to the name you want to appear on the new licence.

Changing the sex/gender details on your driver licence record

You can apply to change the gender details on your driver licence record without needing to provide an amended birth certificate.

You'll need to provide confirmation of the gender you wish to have recorded (Male, Female or Indeterminate). This will be an original evidence of identity document (eg passport, full birth certificate issued in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau or a New Zealand Citizenship certificate which states your gender.

If the gender on your evidence of identity document is not the same as the gender you wish to have recorded, you will also need to provide an original statutory declaration (indicating the preferred gender) and how long you have maintained your current gender identity.  The statutory declaration will need to be witnessed by an authorised witness.  An authorised witness is one of the following:

  • A Justice of the Peace
  • A member of Parliament
  • A lawyer
  • A registered Legal Executive (Fellow of NZILE)
  • A Government officer authorised to take statutory declarations.

Applicants under the age of 18 must also provide the following information (in addition to the documentary evidence listed above):

  • a Statutory declaration from their parent or guardian which supports the change in gender identity on the DLR
  • a Statutory Declaration from a registered counsellor/medical profession which supports the change.

How to apply

You can either:

  • change the gender recorded on your driver licence record as part of a driver licensing transaction (eg when you are applying for a new class or endorsement or are renewing, replacing or reinstating your licence).  The normal driver licensing fee applies

  • apply directly to NZTA to have your driver licence record amended.  

Note: as the gender is not displayed on your photo driver licence, you do not need to have a new licence card issued.  If you do not require a replacement licence, the change will be made at no cost.

How to replace your Driver Identification card

Tow truck drivers, taxi drivers and some other types of drivers such as dial-a-drivers, must display a photo Driver Identification (ID) card.

If you've lost your ID card you need to replace it immediately.

Visit a driver licensing agent and:

Found your old ID card?

If you later find your old ID card, hand it in to any driver licensing agent or mail it to our Palmerston North Office.