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Operating our network

Since becoming part of the New Zealand landscape, state highways have provided a convenient way to get to work, do business and generally get around. Providing for the movement of people and freight is an important part of our contribution to the economy. It’s our responsibility to ensure the highways continue to do this, by operating the network effectively and efficiently and ensuring a safe, predictable driving environment. Our work involves addressing congestion and ensuring roads can be used by a range of transport types, and are reliable and accessible for both people and freight.

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Operating efficiently

How we’re harnessing technology and research to develop solutions that ensure the network contributes to the country’s productivity and economic development.

Environmental and social responsibility

The Transport Agency takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously. This is reflected in external and internal strategy and policy documents that the Transport Agency is required to implement, including the State Highway Environmental Plan.

Working with the community

We regularly talk and listen to road users, communities, suppliers, consultants and contractors, and stakeholders about our work.

Operating safely

Our safe road system, safety plans and safety-focused initiatives are helping to reduce death and serious injuries resulting from road crashes on state highways.

Counting the traffic

Knowing how often roads are used and the number and types of vehicles use them helps us to make informed decisions – for today and the future.

Frequently asked questions

Find out why our roads are black, why our destination signs are green and white, and more.