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SH1 Northern Busway

The $300 million Northern Busway system includes a two way 6.24 km road for buses, five stations, and 2.5 km of single bus lanes to give buses a fast run, free from congestion, to the Auckland CBD. The Onewa Road Interchange has been overhauled to improve safety and motorway access for buses and motorists.

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Albany Station..

Albany Station.


  • Construction start date

  • Construction completion date

    November 2008
  • Location

    Alongside SH1 from Constellation Drive in the north to just before the Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Project type

    Urban priority lanes
  • Project status

  • Project contact

    Simon Paton
  • Estimated cost

    $100 million +

Project purpose

The Northern Busway provides North Shore commuters with fast, efficient bus travel to the Auckland CBD. New ramps at Onewa Road Interchange improve safety and motorway access for motorists and trucks. Local road improvements have enhanced access for pedestrians, cyclists and park and ride and drop and ride commuters.


  • Faster and more reliable bus trip times
  • More frequent bus services
  • New bus services and routes
  • Improved facilities for cyclists and pedestrians at busway stations
  • State of the art technology provides 24-hour security for passengers
  • Better clearance for overheight loads at Onewa Road Interchange
  • Quicker bus access to the motorway southbound at the Onewa Road Interchange
  • New curving ramps at Onewa Road are safer for motorists


  • 6.24 km dedicated two-way roadway for buses running alongside SH1 between Constellation Drive and Esmonde Road
  • 2.5 km of single lane busway running southbound from Esmonde Road to just before the Harbour Bridge
  • Four new bus stations at Constellation, Sunnynook, Smales Farm and Akoranga (AUT)
  • There is an additional station at Albany. Albany and Constellation stations have park and ride facilities
  • State of the art technology provides real time passenger information, audio help points and 24-hour security surveillance
  • Special passenger facilities include cycle lockers, covered walkways, new footpaths, bridges and lifts as well as drop off zones for motorists. There are pick up and drop off facilities at some stations to encourage motorists to leave their cars at home and catch local feeder buses, walk or cycle to the stations
  • New ramps at the Onewa Road Interchange cross over the motorway at a height of 6 metres, providing better clearance for overheight loads
  • Dedicated bus lane from Onewa Road onto the Northern Motorway towards Auckland CBD

Other facts

The Northern Busway is New Zealand’s first busway and took more than a million man hours to build.