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SH2 Melling to Haywards Upgrade Investigation

This project seeks to investigate methods to put in place an improved interchange at the Melling and Kennedy Good intersections, as well as seeking to limit access to State Highway 2 at other locations. Ultimately the project will help reduce delays to traffic, remove a significant risk of crashes and improve connections between the Western Hills suburbs and Lower Hutt.

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Melling looking south from Tirohanga Road..

Melling looking south from Tirohanga Road.


  • Location

    SH2 between Melling and Haywards
  • Project type

    Intersection improvement
  • Project status

  • Project contact

    Michael Siazon
  • Estimated cost

    $0 - $5M

Project purpose

State Highway 2 connects Wellington from Ngauranga Gorge with Lower Hutt and beyond through Upper Hutt to Masterton and routes to Hawke’s Bay. It is a strategically important route between the capital and Hawke’s Bay and is the only road route between the capital and the Wairarapa The recently completed Dowse to Petone project has delivered high quality interchanges at Dowse and Korokoro to eliminate at-grade signalised intersections, and this project aims to achieve a similar high standard of interchange.


  • More consistent journey times
  • Reduced congestion
  • Improved safety
  • Better connections between Western Hills Suburbs and Hutt CBD
  • Achieving a more consistent State Highway route between Dowse and Haywards


The improvements under investigation will form an important part of the strategy for SH2 which involves reducing at grade accesses and providing grade separated intersections between Ngauranga and Haywards. As part of this work, connections between the Western Hills suburbs and Hutt Valley will be retained and improved. The improvements to the road will have safety and efficiency benefits for both vehicular traffic and pedestrians and cyclists. The project also aims to improve traffic flows and safety for the Melling and Block intersections, as well as for the whole of the State Highway 2 corridor from Melling to Haywards.

NZTA is also working with Hutt City Council to make the local network work better. We want to find the right solution that will give motorists across the entire network a better journey, and we want to do this as soon as possible. We expect to receive a report back on options for the Melling and Block intersections late this year. Improvements at the Melling and Block intersections will need to work in with improvements across the wider network, so the NZTA will need to look carefully at the best solutions overall. We expect to be able to announce the options for these intersections in early 2014.

NZTA is working closely with both Hutt City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council on this investigation.

Associated work

We are working with Greater Wellington Regional Council on improving the Hutt River's ability to withstand severe flooding that could affect homes, businesses and Hutt City's Central Business District. To do this, Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), Hutt City Council (HCC) and the NZ Transport Agency (Transport Agency) are jointly considering what improvements could be made to the Hutt River between Kennedy Good and Ewen Bridges to allow the River to cope with a one in 440-year flood.

Our goal is to build flood protection infrastructure along the Hutt River that reflects the community's decision made through the Hutt River Floodplain Management Plan in 2001. Previous work has helped to bring us closer to this level of flood protection, but more is required if we are to meet the expectations agreed in the 2001 Plan. We also need to understand what flood protection work will mean for other projects being considered in this area of the river, including HCC's plans for a Riverside Promenade as part of their "Making Places" project and our Melling Intersection Improvements. This is why the three organisations have agreed to work together on flood protection proposals.

To obtain the right level of flood protection, GWRC proposes to upgrade the river channel between Kennedy Good and Ewen Bridges and the stopbanks between Mills Street and the Ewen Bridge. A working group of GWRC, HCC and NZTA officers are currently undertaking feasibility studies into the best way of enhancing Hutt City's resilience while having the smallest impact on surrounding businesses and properties, and combining key components from the other two key public projects being considered by HCC and NZTA.

For more information on the Kennedy Good to Ewen Bridge Flood Protection work please visit Greater Wellington Regional Council's website at