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Transport data

The Transport Agency collects transport data from investment partners as well as a range of government and non-government sources. This information, in the form of tables, reports and interactive tools, is of relevance to decision-makers across the land transport sector. It covers a variety of topics including roads and road vehicles, walking, cycling, public passenger transport, rail and coastal shipping.

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Mode use

Information about transport mode choice and statistics relating to public transport, walking and cycling, New Zealand roads and the New Zealand vehicle fleet.


Useful economic, demographic and statistical information to provide context for transport sector activities.

Transport networks

Statistical information about use of transport networks and the condition of roads, bridges and cycle-ways.


A model that lets you test the impact of your intervention in the transport system.

Environment and public health

Statistics about transport emissions and fuel consumption.


Local and NZTA expenditure on transport activities, as well as cost indices used in supply contracts.


Create customised crash reports and graphs, examine the latest data and trends or read in-depth road safety reports to help you monitor the effectiveness of your road safety initiatives.