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The planning process

Planning integrated transport systems that respond to the needs of New Zealanders – for today and tomorrow – is a complex task. Our planning must consider the drivers for economic growth, the wellbeing of communities, and the environment. It must deliver effective, efficient and enduring transport solutions, and extract the best performance from existing infrastructure. The challenge is not ours alone - we work closely with local government and the wider transport sector to achieve these results.

To ensure a shared view of problems and benefits early in the transport planning process, we use a business case approach to guide the planning, investment and project development processes.


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Why integrated planning?

How we’re working to provide greater opportunities to integrate planning for land use, transport planning and urban design to ensure the best use of resources.

Planning for local roads

Local roads are vital to the economic and social wellbeing of communities. We work closely with local government to ensure integrated transport solutions are achieved.

Planning for public transport

Public transport increases travel choice, alleviates congestion and improves travel reliability - and technology like integrated ticketing is making it more convenient.

Planning for freight

We’re promoting transport solutions that increase the efficiency of freight movement as part of contributing to national economic growth and productivity.

Planning for state highways

Our planning ensures that state highways connect communities both within and between regions, and contribute to national and regional economic development.

Planning for quality urban spaces

Applying quality urban design principles is helping to ensure New Zealand’s transport networks fit with the environments in which they are built.

Planning for walking and cycling

Providing safe facilities for walking and cycling is one way in which we can help reduce congestion on transport networks, while also providing travel choices.

Planning to improve road safety

Reducing road deaths and injury on our roads starts with planning across all aspects – for safer speeds, safer use, safer roads and roadsides, and safer vehicles.

Planning with our stakeholders

Engaging with the public to understand and respond to their needs is an integral part of our business. It’s part of being a good corporate citizen.