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The programming process

The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) contains all the transport activities that we anticipate funding over the next three years. Deciding which activities get into the programme is a process that begins with local communities. It's a process in which you can have a say - at a local, regional and even national level. It's about making sure we understand the transport needs of New Zealanders, and take these into account when planning and investing in transport solutions.


What activities are being funded?
Check out the National Land Transport Programme.

How you can get involved

You can have input to a wide range of transport planning processes - ours, those of city, district and regional councils and sector interest groups.

The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) process

Our NLTP sets out the many transport activities that we propose to implement across the country. Find out what activities we include and how we prioritise them.

How we invest in sector research

The NZTA invests in innovative and relevant research which plays a critical role in developing an effective land transport sector.

How approved organisations develop their programmes

Local government land transport programmes detail the activities councils plan to implement in their areas. See the activities they include and how they’re prioritised.

How we invest in road policing

The Road Policing Programme funds road policing activities ranging from combating drink-driving to educating school children on road safety.

How regions develop regional land transport programmes

Regional transport committees develop regional land transport programmes that detail their regional land transport activities for the NLTP.