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How we invest in sector research

Updated: 27 January 2015

Through the research programme, the Transport Agency invests in innovative and relevant research which plays a critical role at the forefront of land transport thinking and thereby contributes to achieving the government's goals for transport. The results of Transport Agency research must be readily applicable to interventions that can be cost effectively applied in New Zealand in the short-to-medium term for longer-term impacts. This page provides links to over 500 research reports resulting from the Transport Agency's investment in research. The reports address transport issues ranging from economic development and public transport, to safety concerns and asset management. The page also contains key references to enable searches for research reports by topic and key word, and to access information about the Transport Agency's research programme.

How can I find research reports?

All research programme reports are published on this website. Research reports published from 2005 are available on our website for downloading. PDF scans of earlier research reports are available by emailing

In addition, this spreadsheet (updated quarterly) lists all research programme reports. It includes a list of key words and the abstract associated with each report and a link to the pages on our website where the reports can be downloaded, or PDF scans requested by emailing

Some newly published research programme reports, and the abstracts of all published reports, are profiled in the quarterly NZTA Research newsletter. If you would like to go on the mailing list to receive this newsletter please email

Links to all research programme reports are on the ARRB/Austroads road research register (external link). This register contains land transport related research information from throughout Australasia.

The Transport Agency also provides an email notification when research reports have been published to the website. If you would like to be added to this email list, please email

A list of all Transport Agency research programme active research projects is also available, and this list includes any projects that are being procured.

What research do we invest in?

The purpose of the research is to acquire new knowledge that can be applied by transport decision makers to deliver more effective, efficient and economic transport solutions.

To ensure that the research programme does not serve the operational needs of any single entity, the Transport Agency requires that research:

  • informs the policies, tools, guidelines, technologies or systems used by transport decision makers to achieve the objectives of the Land Transport Management Act, the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding and the Transport Agency's strategic outcomes as profiled in its Statement of Intent
  • meets the needs of more than one potential end user of the research, or is of benefit to the wider transport sector
  • is accessible to end users
  • does not exclusively benefit a single organisation to meet its operational needs, and
  • does not provide commercial gain for a sole supplier or single product.

How does the Transport Agency invest in research?

The Transport Agency research programme framework (PDF, 58 KB) provides clear research objectives and helps to focus our approach to research investment. The framework is centered around five research areas for land transport, provides research objectives for each of the research areas, and lists research output areas of high and medium strategic fit (albeit the current focus is on high strategic fit). In addition, it aligns the programme with the work of transport decision makers, namely the Transport Agency, Ministry of Transport and approved organisations.

For researchers

To receive information about future requests for research proposals, register on the New Zealand Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) (external link) and follow the free registration procedure outlined. Once registered, GETS will notify you when Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the subject areas you have nominated are posted.

A standard Transport Agency research agreement (PDF, 220KB) for research programme funded projects is available for your information.

All research reports are peer reviewed by two independent peer reviewers in accordance with Transport Agency's research programme peer review guidelines (DOC, 280KB).

All Transport Agency research programme funded reports are prepared in accordance with the Transport Agency's research report style guide (PDF, 240KB).