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Auckland Harbour Bridge

Updated: 7 December 2012

The NZTA is recommending people avoid Curran Street in Herne Bay when it closes the two northbound clip-on lanes on the Auckland Harbour Bridge from Boxing Day, for resurfacing work. The closure during the Christmas holidays will start at 5am Wednesday 26 December until Sunday 6 January. View map (PDF, 246 KB).

View of Auckland Harbour Bridge from Westhaven. Auckland Harbour Bridge at dusk. Auckland Harbour Bridge at dusk.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge has shaped Auckland’s visual landscape since it was opened in 1959. It provides a lifeline for people, goods and services connecting the narrow isthmus and north and south.

Today it continues to provide safe passage for approximately 165,000 cars per day across the Waitemata Harbour and is as much a part of Auckland’s cultural fabric as Ponsonby’s cafes and the Skytower.

Locals affectionately refer to it as “the bridge” and some can even recall walking across it on opening day.

Explore the website to find out more about the bridge’s history, including why and how it was built, improvements and developments to the bridge, activities for tourists and the communities that live alongside the bridge.