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Project overview

Project introduction

We are committed to improving travel at Wellington’s Basin Reserve and its connections. This needs to work for users of all types of transport. The starting point is working with the community to identify criteria to assess potential solutions.

  • Project type

    Roads of national significance
  • Project status


Latest update

Wellington's Basin Reserve currently functions as a large roundabout with signals. Congestion is affecting State Highway 1 traffic, local traffic, freight, pedestrians, cyclists and buses. Following extensive investigations and community engagement, a bridge option was selected and RMA approvals were unsuccessfully sought.  As we do not have the necessary approvals, the project will not proceed. 

Now, the Ngauranga to Airport Governance Group is looking to the future.  This group is a partnership of Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Transport Agency and other local agencies to jointly identify, plan and deliver significant and integrated improvements across the Wellington transport system in the corridor between the Wellington Urban Motorway and Wellington International Airport for all transport users. 

The Governance Group is in place to guide and direct the next steps required to find a solution to traffic issues at the Basin Reserve and its connections.  At a meeting [DOCX, 57 KB] the need for community input and support for any potential solutions that are developed was highlighted.

More information about the next steps we are taking together is available in the “Ngauranga to Airport Governance Group”  section of this website.

Their latest media release [DOCX, 48 KB] is also available on this site under project updates.

Project purpose

The road network around the Basin Reserve is an important link in the Wellington road of national significance (RoNS), the State Highway 1 corridor between Levin and Wellington Airport. The improvements will assist the smooth flow of traffic between the north and south of Wellington City. The improvements are intended to contribute to providing a high-quality, high-capacity, fast and reliable passenger transport spine as part of the Wellington Northern Corridor RoNS from Levin to Wellington Airport. This will improve the reliability and travel times of the route for through traffic, particularly to Wellington Airport and Wellington Hospital.


  • Reduced traffic flows around the Basin Reserve
  • Reduced travel times and congestion
  • Improved passenger transport and local road journey times and reliability
  • Improved freight transport
  • Improved connectivity for people using active travel modes (walking and cycling)
  • More reliable emergency service access to and from Wellington Hospital
  • Improved access and reduced severance to local communities, schools and facilities
  • Improved safety for all travel modes (walking, cycling, and vehicular)
  • This work is part of the Ngauranga to Airport Corridor plan and concentrates on a suite of inner city transport improvements at the Basin and its connections.

Basin Bridge RMA applications timeline

  • 25 September 2014

    The NZ Transport Agency has decided to appeal the Board of Inquiry’s decision to decline the Basin Bridge RMA consent applications.  An appeal was lodged with the High Court on Wednesday, 24 September, and is expected to address a number of significant points of law that need to be considered and clarified.

  • 6 June 2014

    The Board of Inquiry hearing for the Basin Bridge Project concluded on the 4 June 2014. A draft decision from the board is expected on 18 July with the final decision due by 31 August 2014. We would like to recognise the contribution of everyone who took part in the Board of Inquiry process. We appreciate that there are a range of views about this project, and we are grateful to each and every submitter for sharing their perspectives on these significant proposals.

    We are pleased that this process has enabled all relevant evidence to be put forward and tested, and we look forward to the board’s draft decision in July.

  • 21 January 2014

    On 21 January, the Transport Agency  filed rebuttal evidence in support of the consent applications for the Basin Bridge Project with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). These documents can be found on the application website. The hearing is currently set to start on 3 February.

  • 30 October 2013

    On 25 October, the Transport Agency filed evidence in support of the consent applications for the Basin Bridge Project with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). These documents can be found on the application website.

  • 5 August 2013

    On 17 June 2013, the Transport Agency lodged RMA consents applications with the EPA for the Basin Bridge project.

    On 2 August 2013, the Minister for the Environment referred those applications to a Board of Inquiry for determination. The processing time for the applications is expected to be nine months from public notification.

    The Board of Inquiry runs its own process and makes its decision independently of the Environmental Protection Authority and the Minister for the Environment. It will be chaired by retired Environment Court and District Court Judge Gordon Whiting.

    More information on the EPA process can be obtained here (external link) .

    The Wellington Northern Corridor is one of seven ‘roads of national significance’ that the government has identified as essential state highways requiring upgrading to reduce congestion, improve safety and support economic growth in New Zealand.


Project Contacts

Basin Connections –
More contact info
  • Phone: 0508 9484 4636.
  • You can also write to us at:

    The Basin Connections team
    NZ Transport Agency
    P O Box 10042
    The Terrace
    Wellington 6143

    Your personal information will remain confidential.