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Project introduction

Formerly known as the Maunganui Girven intersection (MGI) improvements project, the Baypark to Bayfair link upgrade will provide improvements to the Te Maunga intersection to the Maunganui Road/Girven Road intersection.

  • Estimated project dates

    Jan 2016–Jan 2019
  • Estimated project cost

    $100 million +
  • Project type

    Road improvements

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The purpose of the project is to provide the best long-term solution to improve congestion, travel time and safety for all road users along State Highway 2 between Bayfair and Baypark.



The project will deliver the following long-term benefits:

  • Improved safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Improved reliability of journey times and reduced congestion.
  • Improved freight route to the Port of Tauranga.
  • Separation of the local and state highway traffic.

About the project

In the investigation phase a number of options were considered to address the long-term traffic volumes on this section of state highway.

All of the options were tested for the ability to improve traffic flow, provide value for money and limit the social and environmental impacts.

The preferred option is a combination of two options (options 2 and 3) that were previously presented to the public. The preferred option was selected because it is the best long-term transport solution for the corridor, particularly in terms of removing the effects of the rail movements on the traffic flow.

The option will provide:

  • two flyovers – one which will take SH29 over the railway line and the Te Maunga intersection and the second taking SH2 over the Maunganui-Girven intersection
  • the railway line will be relocated into the existing designation, behind Owens Place
  • a shared pedestrian and cycle path between Owens Place and Truman Lane.

Now that the preferred option has been selected (July 2014), the Transport Agency will seek funding for the design, which is expected to begin late-2014.

Construction will begin once detailed designs are completed and construction funding has been approved. Relocating the railway line will be part of the enabling works and is likely to take 9–12 months. Following this, the road improvements are expected to take two to three years, due to the necessity to programme work and allow traffic movements throughout construction. 

Watch videos of the animated flyover and drive-through