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Project Introduction

On 16 December 2016 the NZ Transport Agency lodged the necessary documents and consent applications for the East West Link project.

  • Project type

    Infrastructure upgrade, Road improvements, Walking & cycling
  • Project status


The NZ Transport Agency has lodged Notices of Requirement to designate land and applications for resource consent required to construct, operate and maintain the East West Link Project. Together these are referred to as ‘The Applications’. The Applications have been lodged with the Environmental Protection Authority under the provision of the Resource Management Act 1991.

The information which supports the Applications includes an Assessment of Effects on the Environment report, a full set of drawings, an Urban and Landscape Design Framework and numerous technical reports. The technical reports provide detailed information and assessments of effects which have been summarized in the main Assessment of Effects on the Environment report for the Project. All this information is included within this website.

The Assessment of Effects on the Environment report describes the proposed work, the alternatives considered, the consultation carried out and the potential effects on the environment. The report also sets out how potential adverse effects may be avoided, remedied or mitigated and includes an analysis of the Project against relevant policy documents.