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Project Introduction

About 27,000 new homes, and businesses employing 13,000 people will be built on new future urban areas in Silverdale, Dairy Flat and Wainui. The decision version of the Unitary Plan provides for greater capacity should this be required.

  • Project type

    Study & Investigation

Transport aspirations

Through our project engagement we confirmed community aspirations for Silverdale, Wainui and Dairy Flat in relation to transportation are to:

  • Increase transport choice
  • Separate shorter distance trips from longer distance trips
  • Improve north-south movements
  • Improve the resilience of the network
  • Improve access to education, employment and recreation opportunities in the area.

The development of the preferred network for Silverdale, Wainui and Dairy Flat will help meet these aspirations.

North Auckland preferred network

The preferred network for Silverdale, Wainui and Dairy Flat

With a lot more people living in the area, significant new transport infrastructure will be needed. The preferred transport network has been developed following technical workshops  and public feedback. The aim is to make the future communities well connected and great places to live.

Potential business land has been indicated in the Silverdale area to the east of Dairy Flat Highway and on land around the airfield.

New or improved public transport corridor

At the heart of the future transport network in the Silverdale area will be an extension of the Rapid Transit Network linking Albany to Dairy Flat, Silverdale, Wainui and Grand Drive via an extension of the Northern busway.

Additional stations along the Rapid Transit Network will become hubs for extended public transport services into the growth areas and Orewa, providing fast and efficient access to employment, town centres and residential areas. A high-frequency bus route connecting Orewa and Silverdale with Wainui and the Rapid Transit Network will also be developed. This will include bus lanes, bus priority at intersections and interchanges.

New or improved road corridor

A range of transport options around a potential new town centre in Dairy Flat will ensure a good mix of travel choice. New and upgraded arterial roads in the growth area, including a new north-south road, will provide connections and improve safety for existing communities. An interchange incorporating both Dairy Flat and Penlink will provide good access to the area and a strong east-west connection. Capacity will be increased on State Highway 1 in a balanced way to avoid creating bottlenecks elsewhere.

The Wainui growth area is now ‘live zoned’ with a mix of residential housing types (mixed housing, urban and suburban, apartments, and terrace housing), as well as local and neighbourhood business areas. The development of a local road network in this area will be progressed.

Cycling and walking

Dedicated walking and cycling networks linked to public transport hubs will provide a range of options for getting around.