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Public-Private Partnership for Transmission Gully

Updated: 3 December 2013

The government has given the NZTA approval to borrow the funds needed to build and operate the Transmission Gully highway using a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) procurement model.

Transmission Gully links MacKays Crossing in the north with Linden in the south to enable economic growth, improved road safety and reduced traffic congestion.

The government’s announcement will allow construction of the road to begin in late 2014.

Transmission Gully.

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2 December 2013

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15 April 2013

While a private sector consortium will be responsible for financing, designing, building, maintaining and operating the highway for up to 25 years, Transmission Gully will remain a public asset.

Although tolling will not be specifically linked to the PPP contract for Transmission Gully, the Minister of Transport has requested that the NZTA investigate the merits of tolling the route.

The NZTA will initiate a PPP selection process before the end of the year. A short list of PPP consortia is expected to be identified by April 2013 and, subject to final borrowing approval, a PPP contract will be awarded in mid-2014. 

Construction would begin in late 2014, and the highway would open for traffic by 2020.