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Updated: 21 November 2012

The project is currently in the procurement delivery phase.

Transmission Gully

Expected PPP timelines

The following are the expected key stages and timelines for establishing a PPP for the Transmission Gully project:

  • November 2012 (Announce Registration of Interest: To identify consortia interested in and capable of delivering the required services)
  • January 2013 (Announce Expression of Interest: Potential consortia are asked to provide information on their capability to do the work)
  • April 2013 (Identify shortlist of PPP consortia)
  • Mid-2013 (Issue Request for Proposal: Formal bids on the project requested from the shortlisted consortia)
  • End-2013 (Request for Proposal closes)
  • Mid-2014 (PPP contract awarded)

Construction would begin by late 2014 and the highway would open for traffic by 2020.