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Importing a left-hand drive vehicle (Factsheet 12)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Importing vehicles | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet lists the requirements for importing a left-hand drive vehicle into New Zealand.

Know your way around roundabouts

Published: | Category: Leaflets & brochures , Safe driving | Audience: Motorists

A guide to signalling and use of lanes at roundabouts.

Notice of temporary vehicle import by overseas visitor (MR2C)

Published: | Category: Forms , Vehicle certification | Audience: Motorists

Use this form if you are temporarily importing a vehicle into New Zealand.

Category A special interest left-hand drive light vehicles (Factsheet 12a)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Importing vehicles | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet lists the requirements for importing a category A special interest left-hand drive light vehicle into New Zealand.

Limited licences (Factsheet 50)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Enforcement | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet is for people who have been disqualified or suspended from driving. It explains what happens when your licence is suspended or disqualified; limited licences (who can get one and how to apply); and how to get your licence back once your suspension or disqualification has ended.

Vehicle certification complaints form

Published: | Category: Forms | Audience: Motorists

The NZ Transport Agency is responsible for ensuring that vehicle inspection and certification is carried out in accordance with the Vehicle inspection requirements manual (VIRM) and Land Transport Rules. This form can be used if you wish to submit a complaint about an inspection not being conducted to those standards.

OT assessments: occupational therapists and driver licensing (Factsheet 51)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Medical | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet explains what is involved in the occupational therapy assessment process. Sometimes you are required to provide a medical certificate as part of your driver licensing application. Your GP may want you to do an occupational therapy assessment to confirm your fitness to drive.

Guide to safe loading and towing for light vehicles

Published: | Category: Guidance for specialists , Commercial drivers & operators | Audience: Motorists

This guide contains detailed advice on loading and towing practices to keep you within the law and protect you, your goods and others on the road.

Spray and wind buffeting from heavy vehichles: a literature review

Published: | Category: Research & reports | Audience: Motorists

The splash, spray, and turbulence generated by heavy vehicles (HVs) are of considerable concern to other road users. Splash, spray, and the dirt they carry can result in a significant reduction in the visibility of other road users, while turbulence can result in sudden changes in the path of adjacent vehicles.

Upgrading driver licences from paper to photo (Factsheet 54)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Driver licensing | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet tells you how to upgrade from your old paper licence to a photographic driver licence. It explains the process to get your new licence and advises what you need to bring and where you need to go.