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Immigrants' vehicles (Factsheet 44a)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Importing vehicles | Audience: Visitors & new residents

This factsheet informs you of the changed requirements for importing vehicles, belonging to immigrants, that do not meet frontal impact or emissions standards This factsheet should be read in conjunction with Factsheet 44, Importing a motor vehicle, which outlines the overall requirements for importing a vehicle into New Zealand.

Vehicle windows, wipers and mirrors (Factsheet 39)

| Category: Factsheets , Vehicle safety | Audience: Motorists

This information is no longer available in factsheet format. However, you can view this content in our vehicle safety section.

Safety belts and airbags (Factsheet 30)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Road user safety | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet explains why safety belts matter, responsibilities, fines, choosing a safety belt and maintenance.

Mopeds: road rules and equipment (Factsheet 43)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Vehicle safety | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet explains the rules and equipment of mopeds. If you ride a moped, then for your own safety and the safety of other road users, you must follow the road rules for moped riders, and you must have the right equipment.

Head injuries and driving (Factsheet 36)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Medical | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet provides information for drivers with head injuries. It outlines the impact such injuries can have on your driving ability and advises general and medical requirements to retain or get your licence back after you have had a head injury.

Buying and selling: your legal obligations (Factsheet 41)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Buying & selling | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet provides information on a person’s legal obligations with regard to the sale and acquisition of a vehicle.

Road user charges: light vehicles (Factsheet 38)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Charges & duties | Audience: General

The information in this factsheet applies to all vehicles of 3.5 tonnes or less powered by fuel not taxed at source.

Vehicle licensing (Factsheet 49)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Vehicle registration / licensing | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet provides general information about vehicle licensing; what it is, how much it costs; how to licence a vehicle and Q & As.

Taxis and shuttles: rights and responsibilities (Factsheet 21)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Occupational driving | Audience: Taxi drivers & operators

This factsheet explains the rights and responsibilites of taxi and shuttle drivers and the customers using these services.

A-frame towing (Factsheet 75)

Published: | Category: Factsheets , Vehicle safety | Audience: General

Read this factsheet for information on the safety concerns and legal requirements for A-frames on vehicles. This is especially important for more modern vehicles that have to comply with frontal impact protection standards.