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Guide to undertaking community street reviews

Published: | Category: Corporate publications | Audience: Communities

The purpose of this guide is to provide an easy-to-read, step-by-step set of instructions on the procedure for undertaking a CSR. This guide also includes instructions that explain the results and outputs from a CSR.

NZ Transport Agency's transport appraisal framework

Published: | Category: Corporate publications | Audience: General

This paper explains why the Transport Agency has adopted a multi-criteria approach to evaluating transport proposals, rather than relying solely on economic efficiency, ie BCR.

Environmental plan: improving environmental sustainability and public health in New Zealand

Published: | Category: Corporate publications | Audience: General

Our environmental plan sets out our strategic environmental and social vision to enable us to set specifications and standards for our contractors undertaking roading works. The plan is also available to help and guide other land transport operators.

Is your number up?

Published: | Category: Corporate publications | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

The requirements for displaying a transport service licence (TSL) label.

State highway asset management plan

Published: | Category: State highway forecasts , Corporate publications | Audience: Road traffic engineers & consultants

This plan describes the services that our state highway system provides now and in the future, how we intend to maintain, renew, operate and improve the network, and how we propose to fund the work that is needed.

Alternative approved means of recording (electronic driver logbooks)

Published: | Category: Corporate publications | Audiences: Heavy vehicle operators, Taxi drivers & operators

The Transport Agency have the authority to approve an alternative means of recording matters (also known as electronic driver logbooks) relevant to monitoring work time. It is a requirement for a commercial driver to record their work time hours. 

National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) 2009–12: regional programmes

Published: | Category: National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) , Corporate publications | Audience: Local & regional government

The activities in the NLTP, which originate from councils and the NZ Transport Agency, are submitted to the NZ Transport Agency through regional land transport programmes. When the NZ Transport Agency prepares the national land transport programme, it must make sure that programme contributes to the purpose of the Land Transport Management Act and the five New Zealand Transport Strategy objectives, ie to the aim of achieving an affordable, integrated, safe, responsive, and sustainable land transport system and to assisting economic development, assisting safety and personal; security, improving access and mobility, protecting and promoting public health and ensuring environmental sustainability.

NZ Transport Agency annual report: 2011–12 year in review

Published: | Category: Annual reports , Corporate publications | Audience: General

The annual report records our achievements in pursuing the NZ Transport Agency’s strategy to ensure delivery of the government’s land transport objectives and wider transport vision. Return to the NZ Transport Agency annual reports index page NZ Transport Agency 2011–12 annual report Print version: 2011–12 Year in review