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Cost estimation manual

A manual for use by consultants when preparing cost estimates. It contains all NZ Transport Agency's procedures and guidelines for producing, reviewing or submitting estimates for capital projects.

The elemental costing database noted in appendix F of SM014 is a cost breakdown of earthworks, drainage, pavement, etc from completed projects, which is updated as more projects are completed.

Cost estimation manual - index

 Download manual section

Cost estimation manual Oct 2015 PDF  [PDF, 8.1 MB]
Elemental costing database Nov 2016 XLSX [XLSX, 386 KB]
Application to operate as estimate peer reviewer regionally Oct 2015 DOC [DOTX, 21 KB] 
Cost control record form Oct 2015 DOC [DOTX, 22 KB] 
Appendices templates Oct 2015 XLS [XLSX, 100 KB] 
Appendix H: Cost control procedure - project scope definition Oct 2015 DOC [DOTX, 20 KB] 
Appendix H: Project cost control schedule Oct 2015 DOC [DOTX, 27 KB]