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Resources & manuals

NZ Transport Agency register of network standards and guidelines

Published: Aug 2011

This register is to replace all previous versions of Standards and guidelines manuals of Land Transport NZ and Transit NZ.

The 2 key goals are:

1. to provide, in one place, a definitive list of all relevant NZ Transport Agency (Transport Agency) funding policy and commonly adopted manuals and technical documents for land transport network related activities.

2. to provide a simple, easy to access and manipulate repository of land transport network reference documents for approved organisations, staff, consultants, contractors and other users.

Publication details

  • Author: NZ Transport Agency
  • Published: Aug 2011
  • Note: Amended May 2014
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-478-38032-3 (online)
  • Version: Spreadsheet May 2014 Version 39