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Category: Medical practitioners

Factsheet index (Factsheet 60)

Published: 01 Jul 2014
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency's factsheets provide information on transport safety, standards and processes.

All our factsheets are available on this web site and can be printed directly from the site.

Many of our factsheets are also available from the Transport Agency's agents and regional offices in a...


Category: Medical practitioners

Diabetes and driving (Factsheet 16)

Published: Nov 2013
  • Also known as: Factsheet 16
  • ISBN: ISSN 1172-0689 (print) ISSN 1172-0778 (online)
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This factsheet provides information for drivers with diabetes. It gives advice on some of the risks and precautions for diabetic drivers and outlines limitations and conditions which may apply to your licence when you are driving.


Category: Medical practitioners

Medical aspects of fitness to drive

Published: Jul 2009
  • ISBN: ISBN 9780478346091 (print) ISBN 9780478346107 (electronic)
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This guide is to assist medical practioners in assessing the fitness to drive of any individual. It also sets out the responsibilities and obligations of medical practioners.


Category: Medical practitioners

Guide to the on-road safety test

Published: Oct 2006
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This guide is for older drivers who have been referred for an On Road Safety Test by their doctor. It explains the process for booking, preparing for, and taking the On Road Safety test. It also talks about what the test covers and what happens afterward.

This publication has been updated to reflect the two changes to the give way rules that came into effect on 25 March 2012....

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