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Kea crossings: School crossing points (Factsheet 26)

Published: Aug 2014
  • Also known as: Factsheet 26
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This factsheet outlines the requirements for, and operation of, kea crossings addressed primarily at the the school community - board, teachers and parents.


Category: Communities

Factsheet index (Factsheet 60)

Published: 01 Jul 2014
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency's factsheets provide information on transport safety, standards and processes.

All our factsheets are available on this web site and can be printed directly from the site.

Many of our factsheets are also available from the Transport Agency's agents and regional offices in a...


Category: Communities

My booster comes with me

Published: May 2014
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This is a brochure for parents/caregivers to use with their children to help them understand how to safely use a booster seat.


Category: Communities

Child restraints save lives

Published: Dec 2013
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

Here you can find a guide for parents/caregivers and teachers to advise them on the correct installation of child restraints. Posters are also available for download.


Category: Communities

Research Report 530 - Reallocation of road space

Published: Aug 2013
  • Reference: 530
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40774-7
  • Author: Beca Infrastructure Ltd


This research project investigated the economic impacts of transport and road space reallocation in shopping areas located in central cities and along major transport corridors in New Zealand. It focused on three research questions. The first being to understand the retail spending of transport users; resulting in data that provides an average $ spent per user and primary...


Category: Communities

Child restraints law change poster

Published: 18 Jul 2013
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

From 1 November 2013 the child restraint laws are changing. This poster explains what those changes are.


Category: Communities

Child restraints law change leaflet

Published: 08 Jul 2013
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

From 1 November 2013 the child restraint laws are changing. This leaflet explains what those changes are.


Category: Communities

Keeping moving - the positive guide for senior road users

Published: May 2013
  • Version: 2nd ed.
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38016-3 (print) ISBN 978-0-478-40758-7 (PDF)
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This guide provides information on the driver licence renewal process and tips to help you keep moving. It also contains guidelines for assessing your own driving ability and resources to help you plan ahead in case you need to give up driving for any reason.

This publication has been updated to reflect the two changes to the give way rules that came into effect on 25 March...

  • Reference: 515
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40724-2
  • Author: DJ Wilson University of Auckland

This research project, which was undertaken between 2003 and 2006, aimed to improve the understanding of the effect that environmental factors (eg rainfall and detritus) have on the variation of measured skid resistance, both in the short and longer term. Phase 1 of the research was a field study of seven sites in the Auckland and Northland regions over 2.5+ years, with regular skid resistance...


Category: Communities

Supporting senior drivers

Published: Mar 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40742-6 (online)
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

Help a friend or relative stay mobile - safely. This booklet highlights some ways you can help the older driver in your life to stay mobile safely.

  • Reference: 522
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40737-2
  • Author: T Denne, R Irvine, A Schiff and C Sweetman - Covec Ltd

This report develops an indicator framework for measuring the contribution of land transport to the aggregate wellbeing of New Zealanders. The starting point is viewing transport as an input into the generation of wellbeing, reflecting the role of transport as a technology that enables human interaction, trade and other activities. Transport improves wellbeing if it better facilitates these...


Category: Communities

An Exploratory Study of Barriers to Child Restraint Use in New Zealand

Published: Nov 2012
  • Author: Kate Mora, Grace Rive and Dr Jared Thomas, Opus International Consultants Ltd

The key objective of this research is to determine which factors are seen as barriers to child restraint use by New Zealand parents, and that ultimately prevent some from correctly restraining their children. Identification of these barriers will provide the evidence-base to inform and help target future interventions, such that policy interventions, education initiatives, or social media...


Category: Communities

Hike it, Bike it, Scoot it, Skate it

Published: 11 May 2012
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

A whānau and caregivers guide to safer journeys for children.


Category: Communities

Keeping mobile: how to safely use your mobility scooter

Published: Apr 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-38010-1 (print), 978-0-478-38009-5 (PDF)
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

If you currently use a mobility scooter or power chair or are considering using one in the future - this booklet is for you.


Category: Communities

MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway Urban and Landscape Framework

Published: Feb 2012
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The Urban and Landscape Design Framework (ULDF) is a Technical Report prepared to demonstrate how the MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway project fulfils NZTA’s Urban Design requirements.


Category: Communities

Safe teen drivers

Published: Oct 2011
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This is an information sheet for parents/caregivers of young drivers. It provides information on the free tools available to help them stay involved in their teen's driving.


Category: Communities

Transmission Gully Urban and Landscape Design Framework

Published: Aug 2011
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The framework describes the design concepts of the Transmission Gully Project. The framework provides a vision for the road in the form of a series of design principles. Subsequent sections of the report identify detailed design issues and explain how these might be resolved in accordance with the design principles. In order to implement the vision, the Urban Design and Landscape Framework will...


Category: Communities

Cyclist skills training guide

Published: Jul 2011
  • Version: 6
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-35242-9
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

These guidelines address cyclist training skills to prepare trainees to cycle confidently on the road. The guidelines have been developed to cater for a range of trainees and suit both school and adult training environments. The guidelines are based on a number of outcomes to ensure that demonstrated ability is achieved at each grade.

This publication has been updated to reflect...


Category: Communities

Becoming a child restraint technician

Published: Jan 2011
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This is a guide for people who are considering becoming a child restraint technician.


Category: Communities

Renewing your driver licence at age 75 and over

Published: Sep 2010
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This publication contains helpful information for older drivers who want to renew their driver licence. It explains the renewal process and medical requirements and gives advice on preparing for any On Road Safety Test which may be required.

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