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Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 563 - Safer speeds: public acceptance and compliance

Published: Dec 2014
  • Reference: 563
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-41994-8
  • Author: S Turner and S Bosher, MWH NZ Ltd | D Logan, Monash University | J Khoo and H Trumper, Beca Ltd

A key element of the Safer Journeys national road safety strategy is safer speeds. In some cases, particularly where investment to make roads safer at current speeds cannot be justified, this means reduced speed limits for both urban and rural roads. This research considered the level of acceptance of and compliance with reduced speed limits. It examined information from a number of speed limit...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 556 Survey methods for driver mobile phone use

Published: Oct 2014
  • Also known as: 556
  • ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-478-41981-8
  • Author: Opus International Consultants Ltd

Reducing driver distraction, including distraction resulting from mobile phone use, is an aim of New Zealand’s Safer Journeys programme.

Currently mobile phone usage by New Zealand drivers is captured by self-report or observational surveys. However, studies have indicated that these methodologies might be under-representing actual usage rates.

The aims of this study...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 544 New Zealanders attitudes towards drug-driving and suggested countermeasures

Published: 24 Jun 2014
  • Reference: 550
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-41914-6
  • Author: Beca Infrastructure Ltd, Francis and Cambridge Ltd

This study conducted in New Zealand in 2012 investigated the attitudes, prevalence, habits and self-reported risks associated with drug-driving, along with possible countermeasures. Telephone and internet surveys were used for a general population sample. Face-to-face interviews, mainly in prisons, surveyed habitual users of four main drug types: alcohol and other drugs, cannabis,...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 545 - The relationship between crash rates and rutting

Published: Jan 2014
  • Reference: 545
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-41916-0
  • Author: PD Cenek, RJ Henderson and M Forbes - Opus Research (previously Opus Central Laboratories) | RB Davies - Statistics Research Associates | A Tait - National Institute of Water and Atmospherics

This report details research carried out in Wellington, New Zealand, over the period 2012-2013. The broad aim was to develop relationships between rut depths and crashes on New Zealand's state highway network.

A literature review suggested that deep ruts could either:

- increase crash rate because of reduced vehicle control, or
- reduce crash rate as drivers...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 539 A new vehicle loading standard for road bridges in New Zealand

Published: Nov 2013
  • Reference: 539
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40789-1
  • Author: G Taplin, AECOM, Melbourne, M Deery, AECOM, Sydney, T van Geldermalsen, Melbourne, J Gilbert, AECOM, Auckland, R Grace, AECOM, Melbourne

This research report proposes a new vehicle loading standard for the design and evaluation of road bridges and other highway infrastructure in New Zealand. It is based upon a literature review of current traffic loading and bridge evaluation specifications in New Zealand and overseas, as well as a review of studies into the economic aspects of bridge design loadings and the economic ...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 536 Optimising expenditure on roadside safety barriers

Published: Oct 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40786-0
  • Author: NJ Jamieson, Opus International Consultants | Dr S Richardson, Delta-V Experts, Victoria

This research, which was carried out in New Zealand in 2013, used computer simulation modelling to identify whether it is better to rectify or replace existing roadside crash barriers that are of substandard height or are corroded, or to install new roadside crash barriers at locations with significant hazards where there are currently no barriers. This information would assist road...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 526 Stability of motorcycles on audio tactile profiled (ATP) roadmarkings

Published: May 2013
  • Reference: 526
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40754-9
  • Author: N Jamieson, W Frith, T Lester and V Dravitzki - Opus International Consultants, Opus Research

New Zealand has adopted the raised-profile type of audio tactile profiled (ATP) roadmarkings. This research was undertaken in 2011/2012 to help address gaps in available international literature on the stability of motorcycles when travelling on or across ATP roadmarkings.

The research investigated the stability of motorcycles when contacting ATP roadmarkings, through evidence of...

  • Reference: 516
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40725-9
  • Author: Ian Longley; Simon Kingham; Kim Dirks; Elizabeth Somervell; Woodrow Pattinson; Anushka Elangasinghe

Detailed observations of air quality and local meteorology were conducted on either side of a stretch of the Auckland southern motorway, and in the surrounding residential neighbourhood. The data revealed emissions from motorway traffic contributed, on average, to a 10% elevation in concentrations of particulate matter at a roadside site relative to a setback site (150m away or more) and to a...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 517 Use of roadside barriers versus clear zones

Published: Feb 2013
  • Reference: 517
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40726-6
  • Author: Statistics Research Associates Limited

This report summarises research carried out in 2011–12 to quantify the effects of roadside barriers and clear zones on mitigation of run-off-road crash numbers and crash severity for New Zealand road and roadside characteristics through statistical and computer simulation modelling. The purpose of the research was to provide practitioners with information that would allow them to make...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 509 The next generation of rural road crash prediction models: final report

Published: Dec 2012
  • Reference: 509
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40706-8
  • Author: Beca Infrastructure Ltd

The majority of fatal and serious crashes in New Zealand occur on rural two-lane roads. Data on historic crash patterns is not always sufficient to enable a suitable diagnosis of the safety deficiencies of various sections of this rural road network. It also cannot readily identify safety issues on low-volume roads and shorter sections of highway, where the relative scarcity of crashes may mask...

  • Reference: 510
  • ISBN: 978-0-478- 40707-5
  • Author: Auckland Transport, Traffic Engineering Solutions Ltd, University of Auckland

The C-roundabout (cyclist roundabout) is a new multi-lane roundabout design (developed as part of a 2006 Land Transport NZ research project Improved multi-lane roundabout designs for cyclists) that aims to improve the safety of cyclists at multi-lane roundabouts and make multi-lane roundabouts more cyclist-friendly.

A C-roundabout was installed at the Palomino Dr/Sturges Rd...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research report 505 Economic evaluation of the impact of safe speeds: literature review

Published: Nov 2012
  • Reference: 505
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40701-3
  • Author: Opus Central Laboratories, Opus International Consultants Ltd

The Safe System approach to road safety implies the goal of removing fatal and serious injury crashes from our road network.

This review addresses:

• alternative ways of classifying roads in relation to speed, across the road network, compatible with the Safe System approach
• how speed relates to crashes, fuel consumption and emissions

  • Reference: 483
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478- 39442-9 (electronic)
  • Author: Beca Infrastructure Ltd

In most cities and towns, the majority of crash black-spots occur at major intersections. Given this, crash reduction studies often focus on the major signalised intersections. However, there is limited information that links the phasing configuration, degree of saturation and overall cycle time to crashes. While a number of analysis tools are available for assessing the efficiency of...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 488 Crash risk relationships for improved road safety management

Published: Jun 2012
  • Reference: 488
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39450-4 (electronic)
  • Author: Opus International Consultants Ltd, Statistics Research Associates Limited

This report presents the results of a first attempt to combine detailed road geometry, road surface condition, carriageway characteristics and crash data information to develop a statistical crash prediction model for application to rural New Zealand state highways. Such a study was made possible because high-speed surveys generating simultaneously measured road condition and road geometry data...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research report 476 Improved multi-lane roundabout designs for urban areas

Published: May 2012
  • Reference: 476
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39416-0 (electronic)
  • Author: Auckland Transport, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Auckland University, Traffic Engineering Solutions Ltd

This research, undertaken 2008-2010, investigated the comparative safety of multi-lane roundabouts versus signalised intersections, pedestrian facilities, vertical deflection devices and visibility to the right. Guidance for practical application of the relevant measures to enhance roundabout safety has been developed and is included in this document. The Dutch turbo-roundabout was reviewed...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research report 480 Gap acceptance road safety modelling: pilot study

Published: Apr 2012
  • Reference: 480
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39426-9 (electronic)
  • Author: Beca Infrastructure Ltd

A key problem for local authorities is the lack of robust techniques for evaluating crash risk at high-volume, urban, priority-controlled intersections. Some crash prediction modelling tools are available, but they do not accurately predict crash rates at the higher-volume priority-controlled intersections, where at times, there are limited gaps in main road traffic flows, which often gives...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research report 478 Improved effectiveness and innovation for audio tactile profiled roadmarkings

Published: 01 Mar 2012
  • Reference: 478
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39424-5 (electronic)
  • Author: Opus Central Laboratories

The research identified how the physical noise and vibration generated by traversing ATP roadmarkings was influenced by the properties of the roadmarkings, such as their height, width and pitch, as well as by other factors, such as vehicle speed. The research established the relationship of human response to the noise and vibration generated. The physical effects of traversing ATP roadmarkings...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research Report 477 Modelling crash risk on the New Zealand state highway network

Published: Mar 2012
  • Reference: 477
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39422-1 (electronic)
  • Author: Opus Central Laboratories, Statistics Research Associates Limited

This report presents an updated statistical analysis of data relating to crash rates on New Zealand roads. The research was carried out during 2007-2009 and it precedes the changes in 2010 to the New Zealand T10 specification. The refinements presented are associated with accounting for differences between the local and the general (ie design) speed environment, crash severity and interactions...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research report 465 Investigation into the use of point-to-point speed cameras

Published: Dec 2011
  • Reference: 465
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38081-1 (print); ISBN 978-0-478-38080-4 (electronic)
  • Author: AECOM Ltd

Road safety is an issue that impacts on all levels of government and population. Since a high of 843 fatalities in 1973 the overall crash rate has been declining and 384 fatalities were recorded on New Zealand roads in 2009. Although this represents a significant reduction in casualties, there is still a need to reduce the current rate of about one fatality per day.

Lessening the...


Category: Safety and personal security

Research report 442 The effect of better road delineation: a new method of assessment

Published: Apr 2011
  • Reference: 442
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-37189-5 (print) ISBN 978-0-478-37190-1 (electronic)
  • Author: Opus Central Laboratories

In this research project, the innovative 'hands-on' method, first developed by Walton and Thomas in 2005, was tested in its ability to evaluate the effects of improved road delineation on driver behaviour. The method uses hand positions on the steering wheel as an indicator of drivers' perceived risk, with drivers being more likely to place both their hands on the top half of the...

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