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Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 554 Travel time predictability

Published: Aug 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-41966-5
  • Author: Sinclair Knight Merz Limited

Reliable journey time is a key parameter in travellers' route choice and has important applications in transport planning and modelling. For transport users, it affects their choice of mode, journey route and also their activity patterns. For transport planners and policy makers, journey time estimates are used to provide key indicators for performance monitoring, congestion...

  • Reference: 549
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-41942-9
  • Author: P Kirby, B Wilmshurst, G Koorey

Reducing delay and achieving higher traffic flow rates and a reduction in the frequency and severity of crashes is a key component of New Zealand's long-term success in managing its transport network. The research focused around developing, implementing and measuring safe and robust design principles and techniques to understand economic efficiency and operation on New Zealand's...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 487 - Experience with the development of off-peak bus services

Published: Sep 2013
  • Reference: 487
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-39449-8
  • Author: Ian Wallis Associates Ltd, Wellington

This research was undertaken in 2010–2011 to appraise evidence from three New Zealand cities (Auckland, Dunedin, Hamilton) and four Australian cities (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth) on the market impacts of improvements in urban bus services at off-peak periods. The primary focus was on the estimation of patronage changes and the corresponding demand elasticities in response to...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 512 The New Zealand accessibility analysis methodology

Published: Mar 2013
  • Reference: 512
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40717-4
  • Author: Abley Transportation Consultants Ltd, Derek Halden Consultancy Ltd (Scotland, UK)

This research considers land use and transport accessibility drawing on international practice from the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. An objective of the research was to define accessibility and propose a methodology for how accessibility could be measured and quantified in New Zealand, both at a neighbourhood or a wider area such as a suburb, city or region.

The result of the...

  • Reference: 522
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40737-2
  • Author: T Denne, R Irvine, A Schiff and C Sweetman - Covec Ltd

This report develops an indicator framework for measuring the contribution of land transport to the aggregate wellbeing of New Zealanders. The starting point is viewing transport as an input into the generation of wellbeing, reflecting the role of transport as a technology that enables human interaction, trade and other activities. Transport improves wellbeing if it better facilitates these...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 489 The costs of congestion reappraised

Published: Feb 2013
  • Reference: 489
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-39451-1
  • Author: Ian Wallis Associates Ltd, Wellington

The purpose of this research was to develop improved approaches to assessing the costs of urban traffic congestion and to make corresponding estimates of the costs of congestion in Auckland (New Zealand).

Various definitions of congestion were reviewed and it was found that the concept of congestion is surprisingly ill-defined. A definition commonly used by economists treats all...

  • Reference: 497
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-39486-3
  • Author: Opus International Consultants Ltd

Customers for long-distance goods haulage are free to decide on which transport modes to use on the basis of price and performance. However, independent up-to-date information on which to base such decisions is limited in New Zealand and so existing modes and established haulers are favoured.

In order to address this knowledge gap, a comparative study was undertaken involving the...

  • Reference: 500
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-39489-4
  • Author: Traffic Design Group

This research report on the strategic electronic monitoring of heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs) was prepared by Traffic Design Group in 2011–2012. The aim of the research was to provide a conceptual framework within which technology systems could be operated at strategic, tactical and operational levels. The goal is to improve national productivity, by maximising efficiency for transport...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 496 Transport corridors and community structures

Published: Sep 2012
  • Reference: 496
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39481-0 (electronic)
  • Author: Malcolm Douglass; John Dryden

This research gives a regional planning and strategic perspective of some New Zealand experience in creating transportation corridors and community structures from a planning perspective. For major urban areas, future open space corridors and multi-mode transportation corridors are complementary and can economically provide a fundamental framework for urban development. The past processes have...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 484 The social impacts of poor access to transport in rural New Zealand

Published: Jun 2012
  • Reference: 484
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39443-6 (electronic)
  • Author: Fitzgerald Applied Sociology

Little social research on rural access to transport in rural communities has been carried out in New Zealand. With assistance from the New Zealand Transport Agency, the researchers addressed this issue and the social effects of poor access. Census and national travel survey data provided a picture of access to private and public transport, travel patterns and socio-economic characteristics of...

  • Reference: 481
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39433-7 (electronic)
  • Author: Opus Central Laboratories

This research, undertaken in 2010, aimed to provide predictions of older persons' (age 65+) demand for transport until the mid-21st century in New Zealand, and how this will affect our networks.

• Projections which do not take an aging population into account overstate the increase in household travel by ~40%.
• Assumptions about population health factors make a...

  • Reference: 468
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38091-0 (print); ISBN 978-0-478-38092-7 (electronic)
  • Author: Pinnacle Research and Policy Ltd

In this research project we used a combination of a literature review; an analysis of secondary data and accessibility indices; and an online survey of inner city and non-inner city residents in Auckland and Wellington to examine the impact of urban intensification on people's travel behaviour, mode choice and household vehicle ownership.

A core finding was that inner city...

  • Reference: 469
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38096-5 (print); ISBN 978-0-478-38094-1 (electronic)
  • Author: Pinnacle Research and Policy Ltd

In the context of transport policy, travel time is widely treated in purely economic terms, with the key aim of 'saving' or reducing what is seen as unproductive travel time.

The current emphasis on travel time savings uses mean values for different modes, and assumes that people want to minimise (save) their travel time irrespective of what mode they use. Our work explored...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 458 A social responsibility framework for New Zealand's land transport sector

Published: Nov 2011
  • Reference: 458
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38062-0 (print); ISBN 978-0-478-38061-3 (electronic)
  • Author: Pinnacle Research and Policy Ltd

Since the implementation of the Land Transport Management Act 2003, public sector land transport organisations in New Zealand have had the obligation to be socially and environmentally responsible, either as one of their organisational objectives (NZ Transport Agency) or in terms of the activities and combinations of activities approved for payment from the National Land Transport Fund...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 453 Trips and parking related to land use

Published: Nov 2011
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38036-1 (print) ISBN 978-0-478-38035-4 (electronic)
  • Author: Douglas Consulting Services and Abley Transportation Consultants

The objective of the research detailed in Transfund NZ research report 209 was to produce a comprehensive national database of information on trips and parking related to land use in New Zealand and to identify historic trends since the 1970s. This research has revised the original report, updating it to 2010 and comparing New Zealand results with those reported in the UK, USA and Australia. It...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research report 452 Predicting walkability

Published: Sep 2011
  • Reference: 452
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38028-6 (electronic)
  • Author: Abley Transportation Engineers, Beca Infrastructure Ltd

This research provides a number of mathematical formulas for predicting the quality of the walking environment from the perspective of the user using operational and physical variables. The formulas were derived by combining the perception data gathered from participants in the community street reviews with measurements of the walking environment.

The two main areas that were...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research report 451 Tools for assessing exposure to land transport emissions

Published: Aug 2011
  • Reference: 451
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38022-4 (electronic)
  • Author: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd

Exposure to elevated concentrations of road traffic air pollutants mainly occurs within a few hundred metres of major roads, or while travelling in road vehicles.

Existing roadside air assessment tools are either crude and conservative, or are complex and demanding with no guarantee of improved accuracy. Neither approach is well suited to health risk assessment and both present...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research report 444 Integrated transport and land use: Sylvia Park as a case study

Published: May 2011
  • Reference: 444
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-37194-9 (print) ISBN 978-0-478-37193-2 (electronic)
  • Author: McCormick Rankin Cagney

Strategic government documents emphasise the need for more integrated land use and transport planning. This study, undertaken in 2009-2011, considers the Sylvia Park retail centre in Auckland, New Zealand, as a case study of more integrated land use and transport policies. Our analysis of the costs and revenues associated with different transport modes suggests that Sylvia Park is likely to...


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research report 440 Reducing pedestrian delay at traffic signals

Published: Apr 2011
  • Reference: 440
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-37182-6 (print) ISBN 978-0-478-37181-9 (electronic)
  • Author: Beca Infrastructure Ltd

Since 2000, the benefits of walking as a mode of travel have been recognised by the New Zealand government in a raft of policy statements and strategies. However, the Ministry of Transport acknowledges that there are a number of issues to overcome to encourage more walking. This research focuses on one of the key issues: namely, the delay experienced by pedestrians at traffic signals.


Category: Sustainable land transport

Research Report 438 Slow zones: their impact on mode choices and travel behaviour

Published: Mar 2011
  • Reference: 438
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-37171-0 (print) ISBN 978-0-478-37172-7 (electronic)
  • Author: Capital Research, Pinnacle Research and Policy Ltd

Given that the safety impacts of traffic management measures, including their effect on traffic speed, have been reasonably well-established, we wanted to explore the potential impact of such treatments on mode choice and travel behaviour such as travel patterns. We created the term 'slow zone' treatment or programme to generically describe the aim of any programme that modified the...

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