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National air quality (NO2) monitoring network

Published: Mar 2015
  • Also known as: NO2 Monitoring Report
  • ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-478-37173-4 (print) 978-0-478-37173-1 (online)
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency is a Crown agency responsible for, among other things, managing 10,894 kilometres of state highways. The state highway system accounts for about 12 percent of New Zealand’s roads and around half of the 40 billion vehicle kilometres New Zealanders travel each year. Motor vehicles travelling on roads emit an array of air pollutants which can contribute to harmful...


Category: Statistics & surveys

New Zealand motor vehicle register statistics

Published: 2015
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

As part of the NZ Transport Agency’s commitment to open data we provide a range of vehicle fleet and registration statistics. In some cases, counts less than four are suppressed to prevent the identification of any particular individual associated with a motor vehicle. More datasets will be released online as they become available.


Category: Statistics & surveys

State Highway traffic volumes monthly reports 2008-2015

Published: 2015
  • Also known as: Traffic Volumes Monthly Reports or State Highway Traffic Growth
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

Traffic monitoring information is fundamental for the management of the State Highway network. The measure of the traffic demand, imposed on the network, enables New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to make well founded decision across its business.

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Category: Statistics & surveys

General Fleet Statistics

Published: 31 Dec 2014
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

Profile of the New Zealand Fleet by vehicle type


Category: Statistics & surveys

Registration statistics

Published: Dec 2014
  • Also known as: Yearbook
  • ISBN: ISSN 0114-7234
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

Annual registration statistics


Category: Statistics & surveys

Annual Weigh-in-Motion (WiM) report

Published: 18 Jul 2014
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

Weigh-in-Motion (WiM) data has been collected at six locations on the State Highway Network. This report provides some information on the characteristic of the New Zealand heavy vehicle fleet, derived from data collected at these locations.


Category: Statistics & surveys

Communities at Risk Register (2012-15 NLTP)

Published: Apr 2014
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This document provides a ranking of different communities around NZ with regard to selected road safety risks. Approved organisations will use the information contained in the register to support their application for funding through TIO (Transport Investment Online).


Category: Statistics & surveys

Road Tunnel Air Quality

Published: Feb 2014
  • Also known as: Road Tunnel Air Quality
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency is a Crown entity responsible for managing the New Zealand state highway system. The network includes six major road tunnels as follows: Mt Victoria tunnel in Wellington; Homer tunnel which provides access to Milford Sound; Lyttelton tunnel near Christchurch; Terrace tunnel in Wellington; Johnstone's Hill twin tunnels northwest of Orewa; and Victoria Park...


Category: Statistics & surveys

State Highway Traffic Volumes 1975-2014

Published: 2014
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The information contained in these publications is derived from the Transport Agency's state highway traffic data collection system. This system is used to provide network usage statistics for approximately 1500 monitoring sites.


Category: Statistics & surveys

Road safety by suburb wizard

Published: 01 May 2010
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The road safety by suburb wizard:

  • looks at fatal and serious crashes right down to suburb level
  • is based on the last 5 years of comprehensive data crash from CAS, the Crash Analysis System
  • provides visibility of crash factors, road type, light and weather conditions
  • generates a table or a chart that may be...


Category: Statistics & surveys

State Highway national pavement condition report

Published: 06 Jan 2009
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

This report presents pavement condition data for the year alongside data from previous years to show trends and allow comparisons to be made.


Category: Statistics & surveys

Road death statistics

Published: 2009
  • Also known as: Road toll data
  • Author: Ministry of Transport

New Zealand road toll statistics covering road fatalities and fatal crashes, updated daily.


Category: Statistics & surveys

Land transport statistics 2001-2009

Published: Jun 2008
  • Also known as: Network statistics, Roading statistics
  • Reference: ISSN 1178-4776
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

Statistics, works completed and costs of providing transport - compiled annually by NZTA using data received from all territorial authorities in New Zealand.


Category: Statistics & surveys

Perceptions of personal safety and security amongst taxi users June 2008

Published: Jun 2008
  • Author: MM Research

Report about how the public view personal safety and security in taxis.


Category: Statistics & surveys

Graphs of state highway monthly average daily traffic percentage changes

Published: Jan 2008
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

Monthly Average Daily Traffic (MADT) reporting enables us to provide a month-by-month indication of traffic trends, and to allow the effects of specific events (e.g. storms, fuel price shifts, economy, etc.) to be monitored.


Category: Statistics & surveys

Road network trends

Published: 01 Jan 2008
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The Road Network Trends Wizard allows you to:

  • look at annual statistics, works completed, condition, use and costs - for local roads and State Highways
  • look at trends or comparisons at a national / regional / local level
  • obtain a copy of the raw data
  • generate images (jpg's) of tables / graphs for use in a report...


Category: Statistics & surveys

State Highway user survey for Transit NZ 2006

Published: 01 Mar 2007
  • Author: NZ Transport Agency

The 2006 State Highway User Survey reports the opinions, prefences, and priorities of a random national sample of 1500 road users, and separately, 325 truck drivers. Topics include road design, features and maintenance; environmental and social issues; communication and consultation; opinions on tolling, safety, congestion; and project completion and construction. For a full list of...


Category: Statistics & surveys

Stakeholder survey for Transit NZ 2005

Published: 01 Mar 2006
  • Author: Transit NZ

In order to assess the performance of the State Highway network and customers and stakeholders impressions of the effectiveness of the work undertaken by the former Transit, detailed surveys were undertaken on alternate years.


Category: Statistics & surveys

RSS 11 - Pedestrian platforms

Published: Oct 1999
  • Author: Land Transport Safety Authority

This report details the results of surveys of pedestrian platforms. Companion reports detail the survey results of the other two safety areas.


Category: Statistics & surveys

Road safety survey series

Published: Jul 1997
  • Author: Land Transport Safety Authority

A series of reports on surveys carried out by LTSA assessing policies and practices in relation primarily to traffic control devices.