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  • Also known as: 566
  • ISBN: ISBN:978-0-478-44505-3
  • Author: Anthony Byett, Consulting Economist, Taupo | James Laird, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds | Adolf Stroombergen, Infometrics Consulting Ltd, Wellington | Stephen Trodd, MWH New Zealand Ltd, Wanganui

Current transport appraisal methods, with their focus on the economic welfare benefits and costs of transport investment, are well grounded in theory and widely used, including by the NZ Transport Agency when it comes to prioritising transport interventions in New Zealand.

However these methods do not provide estimates of extra gross domestic product and extra jobs, nor the...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 562 - Economic benefits of park and ride

Published: Dec 2014
  • Reference: 562
  • Author: I Wallis, Ian Wallis Associates | J Ballantyne, TDG | A Lawrence, Ian Wallis Associates | D Lupton, Ian Wallis Associates

This research report investigated the economic and financial benefits from providing expanded park and ride (P&R) facilities. The project objectives were to assist decision-makers by providing guidance on:

- the rationale for investment in P&R, as a cost-effective and efficient means of improving state highway and local arterial road performance and/or reducing public...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 551 Car passenger valuations of quantity and quality of time savings

Published: 01 Jul 2014
  • Reference: 551
  • ISBN: 978-0-478- 41948-1
  • Author: Ian Wallis - Ian Wallis Associates

The objective of this research project was to undertake primary market research in New Zealand, at an exploratory level, to gain greater understanding of car passengers' valuations of travel time savings in a range of situations (including passenger valuations relative to when driving, and relative to car occupants as a group). Based on this exploratory research, the project assessed the...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 550 Transport productivity and sub-industry measures

Published: 24 Jun 2014
  • Reference: 550
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-41947-4
  • Author: Coelli Economic Consulting Services, Martin, Jenkins and Associates

This research investigated using four different approaches to measuring the productivity of the sub-industries (ANZSIC three digits) that comprise the New Zealand transport sector. The four approaches investigated were the growth accounting framework, the Tornqvist index, the Malmquist index and the input–output tables-based approach. The unit-record data available from Statistics New...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 542 Ongoing domestic freight volume information study

Published: Mar 2014
  • Reference: 542
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-41903-0
  • Author: R Paling, Richard Paling Consulting, Auckland | M King, Murray King and Francis Small Consultancy, Wellington | J Ballantyne and C McBride, Traffic Design Group, Lower Hutt | A Gray, Statistics Research Associates, Wellington

The availability of comprehensive and reliable information on the movement of freight is increasingly seen as an important element in the effective planning for the sector, both by those providing infrastructure and those providing services. However, the main source of data on freight movements, the Ministry of Transport's National Freight Demand Study, was based on data that is now...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 546 Measuring the resilience of transport infrastructure

Published: Feb 2014
  • Reference: 546
  • ISBN: 78-0-478-41915-3
  • Author: JF Hughes and K Healy - AECOM New Zealand Ltd

Internationally there is a growing call to improve the resilience of our critical infrastructure. This is in response to a realisation that the services we take for granted may be robust in the face of predictable hazards/failures, but are in fact extremely fragile in the face of unanticipated shocks.

In the context of transport infrastructure, operators strive to ensure that transport...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 538 Reliability and freight literature and practice review

Published: Oct 2013
  • Reference: 538
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40788-4
  • Author: Carolyn OFallon - Pinnacle Research, Dr Alan Nicholson - University of Canterbury, Ian Bone - Beca Limited, Ian Wallis - Ian Wallis Associates

The NZ Transport Agency's Economic evaluation manual (EEM) provides guidance on the evaluation of journey time reliability in private road vehicle trips. The EEM currently does not provide for the evaluation of reliability for commercial vehicles and freight.

Austroads has recently reviewed the question of including reliability into project economic appraisal but has ...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 534 Drivers of demand for transport

Published: Oct 2013
  • Reference: 534
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40783-9
  • Author: Aleksandra Simic and Robert Bartels - Frontier Economics, Australia

Frontier Economics (Frontier) was engaged by the New Zealand Transport Agency (Transport Agency) to assist in identifying a 'best fit' methodology for assessing the historical relationship in New Zealand between: 1) economic activity and road freight activity; and 2) income growth and passenger vehicle travel. The Transport Agency would like to use these models to develop long-term...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 520 - National long-term land transport demand model

Published: Sep 2013
  • Reference: 520
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40730-3
  • Author: J Stephenson and L Zheng - NZIER

This report describes a National Long-term Land Transport Demand Model (NLTDM) for evaluating transport demand scenarios looking out 30 years and taking account of mega-trends in: population growth dynamics; spatial demographic trends; technology trends; income and economic growth; industrial composition; and policy.


Category: Economic development

Research Report 524 Development of a public transport investment model

Published: May 2013
  • Reference: 524
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40751-8
  • Author: Nick Allison, Logic Partners, Wellington | David Lupton and Associates, Wellington | Ian Wallis Associates Ltd, Wellington

This research was the first stage in developing an investment model aimed at assisting regional authorities and the NZ Transport Agency to make public transport investment decisions. The approach assumed that public transport (PT) subsidies should be invested to maximise allocative efficiency – ie in a way that ensures society gains the greatest overall net benefit from PT.



Category: Economic development

Research Report 518 Econometric models for public transport forecasting

Published: Mar 2013
  • Reference: 518
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40728-0
  • Author: DMK Consulting

This paper presents the findings from an econometric analysis of public transport patronage growth for a selection of New Zealand cities: Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga. The primary objective of the econometric analysis was to provide an explanation of historic growth patterns and, in doing so, provide up-to-date public transport elasticities for use by transport planners and...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 511 Value capture mechanisms to fund transport infrastructure

Published: Feb 2013
  • Reference: 511
  • ISBN: 978-0-478- 40713-6
  • Author: Ian Wallis Associates Ltd, Wellington, NERA Economic Consulting, Sydney

Throughout the world, transport infrastructure is increasingly being funded by charges that more closely target the direct beneficiaries of the infrastructure. One form these charges can take is a levy on land owners or developers – ie value capture mechanisms. In New Zealand there are a number of mechanisms that can be defined as value capture mechanisms: development contributions,...


Category: Economic development

Research report 507 The implications of road investment

Published: Nov 2012
  • Reference: 507
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-40704-4
  • Author: Ian Wallis Associates Ltd, Wellington

The objective of this research (undertaken in 2010–12) was to provide improved evidence (potentially leading to improved modelling, monitoring and evaluation methods) on the implications of major road investments in New Zealand on significant factors including travel demand, operational performance, environmental effects, emissions, road safety, development patterns and economic effects....


Category: Economic development

Research Report 495 Transport's proportion of total costs for New Zealand businesses

Published: Sep 2012
  • Reference: 495
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39476-4 (electronic)
  • Author: NERA Economic Consulting, Sydney, Pinnacle Research and Policy Ltd

An efficient transport system is crucial for the New Zealand economy. It facilitates businesses delivering goods to consumers, retail stores and ports for export, and maintaining business competitiveness. The objective of this research was to understand the importance of transport costs as a proportion of total business costs, and examine the opportunities to reduce these costs for New Zealand...

  • Reference: 492
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39468-9 (electronic)
  • Author: NZ Institute of Economic Research

This study assessed the feasibility and materiality of allowing for real-price changes in economic appraisals over the course of a transport project's appraisal period. The research found that time indexing unit cost parameters in transport CBA is feasible, and that benefit-cost ratios (BCRs) increase materially for the majority of project categories, but not for all. The report considers...


Category: Economic development

Research Report 490 - National mapping of integrated transport and land use

Published: Jul 2012
  • Reference: 490
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39456-6 (electronic)
  • Author: Beca Infrastructure Ltd, NZ Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is charged with taking an integrated approach to land transport planning. Our Integrated Planning Strategy sets out how we can invest in land transport activities that support appropriate land-use patterns and connect major cities and ports. We aim to achieve the lowest possible long-term transport costs for firms and households through effective planning and...


Category: Economic development

Research report 482 Fleet management commitment to fuel efficiency

Published: Apr 2012
  • Reference: 482
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39441-2 (electronic)
  • Author: Transport Engineering Research New Zealand Ltd

The aim of this research, undertaken in 2009-2011, was to identify ways of overcoming the barriers faced by managers of New Zealand's light and heavy vehicle fleets in attempting to implement fuel efficiency as part of their normal way of doing business. It included a review of best practice documents, interviews and meetings with fleet managers and key stakeholders, and case...

  • Reference: 479
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478- 39425-2 (electronic)
  • Author: Opus International Consultants Ltd, Ascari Partners, Business and Economic Research Ltd (BERL)

The purpose of this research, which was undertaken between July 2010 and June 2011, was to develop, test and recommend additional methodologies that could be used to quantify the economic productivity and land use impacts when assessing transformational or structural transport investments over time. Currently there is a knowledge gap in this area and the intention was to develop a more strategic...


Category: Economic development

Research report 472 New Zealand Bus Policy Model

Published: Feb 2012
  • Reference: 472
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-39402-3 (print) ISBN 978-0-478-39401-6 (electronic)
  • Author: Ian Wallis, Daan Schneiders - Ian Wallis Associates Ltd

A methodology and computer-based model was developed to analyse the performance of urban bus services in terms of their operations, market indicators and financial performance.

The main input to the methodology and model is a database of existing bus services, disaggregated by route and time period, and including operating statistics, patronage, fare revenues and unit costs.

  • Reference: 471
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0-478-38098-9 (print); ISBN 978-0-478-38097-2 (electronic)
  • Author: Ian Wallis Associates Ltd, Wellington

This research was undertaken in New Zealand in 2010-11 to investigate the economic concepts of option values and non-use values as applied to public transport services, and to undertake primary market research in New Zealand to estimate approximate valuations.

The primary market research involved telephone-based surveys of a random sample of households in four peri-urban/semi-rural...

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