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Prior to commencing work on a business case the project manager promoting the business case needs to consider where in the business case process the investigation should commence based on other work already underway or planned to be undertaken. This point of entry step formally documents those considerations and sets out an initial case for commencing an investigation into a transport problem/issue or opportunity for approval. In the majority of cases, expectations around which business case phases will be pursued in any year will be well defined through the Highways and Network Operations annual planning processes.

See the Point of entry overview [PDF, 81 KB] for more information.

Key steps

In the majority of instances business case phases will have been identified in a planned manner and set out within the Highways and Network Operations Annual Plan. However, where a transport problem/issue or opportunity has arisen outside of the Annual Planning lifecycle, and which the promoter believes is warranted for immediate investigation then the promoter should use the point of entry step to have the issue considered for further investigation. This is achieved by completing the brief Point of entry assessment form [DOCX, 217 KB] by:

  • Assessing the point of entry through:
    • Describing the problems/opportunities that have given rise to consideration of developing a business case for an activity or programme of activities.
    • Describing the benefits that the organisation can expect to gain from successfully addressing the issue.
    • Identifying if there is an existing, fit-for-purpose strategic case or programme business case which is already exploring the issue or which can readily be adapted to consider the issue.
  • Undertaking initial thinking around the strategic case phase:
    In the majority of instances it is expected that a business case would commence with the strategic case phase. In a minority of cases the assessment might point to commencing at a later phase where a fit-for-purpose strategic case or programme exists which can readily be adapted to consider the issue.
    • Identify whether the Investment Logic Map Facilitator should be internal to the Transport Agency or an external accredited Facilitator
    • Identify Stakeholders who should:
      • have a vested interest in the problem
      • have specific knowledge which allows them to challenge and provide evidence
      • have authority to make decisions at the workshop to ensure progress is made on substantive problems¬†
      • be able to assess whether the proposal aligns with key organisational and Government outcomes.
    • Identify a funding stream and resources for the ILM sessions and authoring the strategic case.

Quality assurance and approvals

Records of quality assurance and approvals should be undertaken in accordance with the Highways and Network Operations project assurance and approvals process.


Forms and templates

Title Type Document PDF Example
Point of entry assessment Form Word [DOCX, 217 KB] PDF [PDF, 183 KB] Example [PDF, 74 KB]

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