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Ways to get around

New Zealand’s transport networks provide a great choice of ways to get around. Walking and cycling offer health benefits as well as being cheap and easy ways to travel. In our major cities, buses, trains and ferries let you take the passenger seat and make better use of your commute time. And the country is linked with extensive road networks, which provide for convenient vehicle travel.

This section looks at the various ways you can travel, including how you combine different forms of transport to travel smarter, saving time and money, reducing congestion and your impact on the environment. You can also learn how to travel more safely. 

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Travel smarter
Try combining travel options to save time and money.

By foot

Easy, cheap and fun, walking is a great way to get around. What’s more, it helps reduce congestion, vehicle emissions and other pollutants. See our tips for smart walking.

By bus, train or ferry

Travelling by bus, train or ferry can make your daily commute more productive – or relaxing. Find out about special concessions and the options available in your area.

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By car

Cars offer a convenient means of travel. There are number of things you can do to drive safely, more fuel efficiently and lighten the load on your wallet and the environment.

By bike

Cycling offers you a great way to keep fit and a convenient means of getting around. Like walking, it helps reduce congestion, vehicle emissions and other pollutants. See our tips for smart cycling.

By motorcycle

Motorcycles offer both easy mobility and good fuel economy. However as a rider you’re a more vulnerable road user. Find out how you can keep yourself safe.

Combining travel options

Using a combination of different transport options can be a good way to travel smarter and save time and money.