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Transaction Centre

Our Transaction Centre allows you to complete some motor vehicle and driver licensing transactions online.

Some transactions are free of charge (eg advising us that you've sold your vehicle), while others include a fee (see Vehicle registration and licensing fees page for further details).

To find out more click on your preferred transaction link below.

Please note:

The Transport Agency accepts Visa, Mastercard, Debit Visa/Mastercard and POLI forms of payment.

We have upgraded our online transaction services to make it even easier for our customers to use.

Please note that the new website is designed for use with Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and above as well as most other browsers. If you are using a version of IE8 or below we recommend you upgrade to a more recent version of IE or change your browser. You can download a new version of IE here.

I've bought a vehicle

Notice of acquisition: Buyer

Registered person check

Confirm if a person is registered in respect of a vehicle

I want to confirm if a vehicle is reported stolen

Stolen vehicle check (Police website)

Other web services

MR13C (Trader notice of acquisition)


DL9 (Medical Practitioners only)