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Choosing a safe and fuel-efficient vehicle

Whether it's a truck, van, four-wheel drive or car, your selection of vehicle is a major decision - one that can determine your safety. It can determine your safety - and that of others - on the road. This section helps you to make good choices when buying your next new or used vehicle. From the latest safety features available to keeping up with the safety basics; from fuel economy, emissions and safety ratings to vehicle checks - you'll find information, tips and advice to help you and your passengers travel safely and efficiently.

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How does your vehicle rate?
Go to the Rightcar website to check your car's rating.

The safety basics

The wide range of vehicle safety features and the things you can do to ensure your vehicle is safe on the road – whatever its age, make or model.

Tips for buying a used car

Where to search for rust, why clear radiator water tells you little, what that petrol smell signals, and other things to look for when checking out a used car.

Features that protect you in a crash

A look at airbags, crumple zones and other features that can protect you and your passengers in a crash.

Features that affect the environment

Some vehicle safety features also impact the environment. Learn what to do to reduce your carbon footprint.

Which vehicles rate the best?

Go to the Rightcar website to find out which vehicles rate the best for safety, fuel efficiency, emissions and more. Check these comparisons before making your next purchase.

Features that prevent crashes

Some of the advances in vehicle manufacturing that actively work to prevent you from crashing.