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Vehicle classes, standards & rules

On any given day, a vast array of vehicles is out on New Zealand roads - trucks, buses, vans, motorcycles and cars - as well as bicycles and mobility scooters. For the most part, everyone completes their travel safely. Helping to make this happen is a comprehensive system of vehicle safety requirements that match those overseas, varying with the types, weights and ages of individual vehicles. This section explains the different types (classes) of vehicles and the technical standards that apply to them.

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How green do you have to be?
Check the environmental standards.

What class is my vehicle?

Vehicle types are grouped into different classes that determine the requirements your vehicle must meet. Here, we list the definitions of the classes.

Exceptions to the standards

All vehicles must meet the standards applying to their classes. However there are some exceptions. Find out what they are.

Environmental standards

The requirements that aim to reduce the negative impacts vehicles can have on New Zealand’s environment.

The standards that apply to your vehicle

The technical standards that are the specific requirements heavy and light vehicles must meet when manufactured.

List of approved standards

The different standards incorporated in New Zealand transport law to ensure the safety of vehicles on the road.