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I need to re-register

Updated: 9 February 2015

If you want to drive on the road again after your vehicle registration is cancelled, including because it was heavily modified, you'll need to re-register your vehicle.

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Re-registration of vehicles

Before you can re-register your vehicle you need to provide evidence that:

  • your vehicle was once registered - you can use:
    • old registration papers
    • registration plates together with a warrant of fitness (WoF) check sheet
    • registration plates and insurance policy
  • you are the person legally entitled to register the vehicle.

The re-registration process

  1. Your vehicle undergoes testing by an approved testing agent to verify it meets New Zealand's required standards.
  1. If your vehicle meets the standards, it's approved for registration and a registration application form (form MR2A) is printed.
  1. You then present the completed registration application form to a registration agent for processing.
  1. The agent processes the application, registering and licensing the vehicle so that you can legally drive it on the road. You'll receive new registration plates and licence label.
  1. You may only drive your vehicle on the road when it has its new registration plates, licence label, WoF or CoF label and (if applicable) road user charges licence attached.

Need to move your vehicle before you have the new plates and label?

Your vehicle will need to be towed or transported. You cannot drive your vehicle on the road until the re-registration process is complete.

If you've had to repair damage or you've significantly modified your vehicle, you must obtain a specialist certification before applying for re-registration. See the steps you need to follow.

You need to re-register other vehicles?

To re-register vehicles over 3500 kilograms (gross laden weight), you'll need to take the vehicle for a Certificate of Fitness inspection at a TSD agent. Please contact us for details.