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Updated: 4 August 2014

50MAX is a new generation of truck that allows for safe and more efficient transport of freight goods.

A new generation of truck.

A new generation of truck.

50MAX vehicle combinations have one more axle than conventional 44 tonne vehicles combinations, meaning the overall truck load is spread further and there is no additional wear on roads per tonne of freight. This means 50MAX gives operators an option to carry increased payloads on parts of the network that, while economically important to New Zealand, carry lower volumes of freight.

The increased payloads of 50MAX can lead to economic benefits for producers, customers and our communities.Allowing bigger trucks on our roads reduces the number of truck trips needed to move the same amount of freight.

What's new

The growing popularity of 50MAX trucks is set to receive a further boost, following two major technological advances for the burgeoning vehicle class. The two innovations, an online map and an electronic permit application form, underline the NZ Transport Agency's commitment to moving more freight on fewer trucks, as well as putting customers at the heart of its business.

The introduction of an online map for 50MAX, in particular, is seen as a major improvement for operators. Grant Foster, the NZ Transport Agency's Principal Project Manager - Business Improvement, explains the new online map is a specific response to feedback from operators.

The second innovation benefits anyone who is applying for a 50MAX permit, be they an operator or a vehicle or trailer manufacturer. With permit numbers for the new generation of truck now nearing one thousand, applicants should be excited about the new online application form. Introduced at the beginning of March, the new online form makes it easier to send the application and the required attachments to the Agency, for operators and manufacturers who seek permission to travel our roads in 50MAX trucks.

"All this will help to make road freight transport more efficient and safer for New Zealand. We have very high safety standards for 50MAX and other HPMVs, including increased resistance to roll over and the inclusion of electronic braking systems. We are particularly pleased that quite a number of operators are also investing in additional safety measures, such as speed limiting, GPS monitoring, weight load cells and Electronic Stability Control."

50MAX interactive map.

50MAX interactive map
This map enables 50MAX permit holders to identify a safe route for their journey.

If you are having trouble viewing the map, or if you wish to print individual maps, please click here

Updates for 50MAX permit holders

50MAX frequently asked questions

Download our latest frequently asked questions (PDF)