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Flood damaged, water damaged and written off vehicles that have not been correctly repaired can compromise the safety of vehicle features such as safety belt pretensioners, airbags and certain electrical systems. Check your vehicle against this list of vehicles that have come to our attention. You’ll need to know the vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number. 

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive and some listed vehicles may have been restored to acceptable standards.
Note 2: When searching for Japanese vehicle that was previously registered in Japan you must search using the vehicle manufacturer’s chassis number. 

*W – flood-water damaged vehicle
*F – fire damaged vehicle
*S – statutory write-off
*WS – flood/water damaged vehicle and statutory write-off
*FS – fire damaged vehicle and statutory write-off

VIN/Chassis Make Model Damaged* Date
GWEW-106267 MAZDA Capella W 6 July 2015
E11-158412 NISSAN Note W 6 July 2015
MMAJNKA40ED006401 MITSUBISHI Triton W 6 July 2015
MM0UNY0W200348864 MAZDA Bounty W 6 July 2015
DY3W-429021 MAZDA Demio W 6 July 2015
WF04XXGBB41B70960 FORD Mondeo W 6 July 2015
WF0AXXGCDA3C01385 FORD Focus W 6 July 2015
6FPAAAJGSW5J99809 FORD Falcon W 6 July 2015
W0L0JBF19YL546109 HOLDEN Vectra W 6 July 2015
6G1YK82A84L216129 HOLDEN Commodore W 6 July 2015
M35-111755 NISSAN Stagea W 6 July 2015
AK12-077096 NISSAN March W 6 July 2015
JN1FCAN15A0019749 NISSAN Pulsar W 6 July 2015
BP5-091278 SUBARU Legacy W 6 July 2015
JSAFZC82S00129420 SUZUKI Swift W 6 July 2015
ZC71S-412632 SUZUKI Swift W 6 July 2015
JHMGD18307S220995 HONDA Jazz W 6 July 2015
ZAR93700003238846 ALFA ROMEO 147 W 6 July 2015
7A453AEA109546157 TOYOTA Corolla W 6 July 2015
JT764AEB103080888 TOYOTA Corolla W 6 July 2015