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Flood damaged, water damaged and written off vehicles that have not been correctly repaired can compromise the safety of vehicle features such as safety belt pretensioners, airbags and certain electrical systems. Check your vehicle against this list of vehicles that have come to our attention. You’ll need to know the vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number. 

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive and some listed vehicles may have been restored to acceptable standards.
Note 2: When searching for Japanese vehicle that was previously registered in Japan you must search using the vehicle manufacturer’s chassis number. 

*W – flood-water damaged vehicle
*F – fire damaged vehicle
*S – statutory write-off
*WS – flood/water damaged vehicle and statutory write-off
*FS – fire damaged vehicle and statutory write-off

VIN/Chassis Make Model Damaged* Date
JTFPT22P700014562 TOYOTA Hiace S 27 May 2016
WAUZZZ8V6F1138207 AUDI A3 S 27 May 2016
WME4514322K197729 Smart Fortwo S 27 May 2016
TRUZZZ8P891006399 AUDI A3 S 27 May 2016
JTNKU3JE60J096019 TOYOTA Corolla S 27 May 2016
UVL6R-101355 MAZDA Proceed W 27 May 2016
JTNKU3JE10J057631 TOYOTA Corolla WS 27 May 2016
TMAD281CMDJ024963 Hundai I30 WS 27 May 2016
N23W-5310259 MITSUBISHI RVR W 27 May 2016
WDB2112202A965347 MERCEDES-BENZ E280 W 27 May 2016
WBAAV12010FF15904 BMW 320I W 27 May 2016
GD1-2333165 HONDA Fit W 27 May 2016
WV1ZZZ2HZFA040217 VOLKSWAGEN Amarok S 27 May 2016
JM0BL10F200401449 MAZDA 3 WS 27 May 2016
6KAHARDFLDR000300 Dominator Trailer Caravan S 27 May 2016
MNAUMFF80DW212065 FORD Ranger S 27 May 2016
6G1EK85769L305465 HOLDEN Commodore S 27 May 2016
6G1PE5EN2EL907707 HOLDEN Cruze S 27 May 2016
WAUZZZ8K1DA119941 AUDI A4 S 27 May 2016
6G1EP5EY6AL403988 HOLDEN Commodore S 27 May 2016