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Flood damaged, water damaged and written off vehicles that have not been correctly repaired can compromise the safety of vehicle features such as safety belt pretensioners, airbags and certain electrical systems. Check your vehicle against this list of vehicles that have come to our attention. You’ll need to know the vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number. 

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive and some listed vehicles may have been restored to acceptable standards.
Note 2: When searching for Japanese vehicle that was previously registered in Japan you must search using the vehicle manufacturer’s chassis number. 

*W – flood-water damaged vehicle
*F – fire damaged vehicle
*S – statutory write-off
*WS – flood/water damaged vehicle and statutory write-off
*FS – fire damaged vehicle and statutory write-off

VIN/Chassis Make Model Damaged* Date
JMFSMCY4AAU000247 MITSUBISHI Lancer WS 23 July 2015
JM0DE10Y2D0253729 MAZDA 2 WS 23 July 2015
GY3W-118514 MAZDA Atenza W 20 July 2015
FN15-487023 NISSAN Pulsar W 20 July 2015
1J4N72GB9BD118784 JEEP Patriot W 20 July 2015
DC5W-115702 MAZDA Veris W 20 July 2015
VF33BRFNF83500559 PEUGEOT 307 W 20 July 2015
ACR30-0054464 TOYOTA Estima W 20 July 2015
SXE10-0012954 TOYOTA Altezza W 17 July 2015
KMHDB51DLBU311405 HYUNDAI I30 W 16 July 2015
W0L0XCF2563065493 HOLDEN Combo W 16 July 2015
KMHDB51DLCU370166 HYUNDAI I30 W 16 July 2015
6T153SK200X054680 TOYOTA Camry W 16 July 2015
KMHCT51DMEU193299 HYUNDAI Accent W 16 July 2015
PA3V-0300518 MITSUBISHI Delica W 16 July 2015
7A5AAASAPMSJ74724 FORD Laser W 16 July 2015
TSMJYA22S00159848 SUZUKI SX-4 W 16 July 2015
6G1ZK54B15L452423 HOLDEN Commodore W 16 July 2015
W0L0AHL6775082393 HOLDEN Astra W 16 July 2015
WF0AXXWPDA4Y84898 FORD Focus W 16 July 2015