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Flood damaged, water damaged and written off vehicles that have not been correctly repaired can compromise the safety of vehicle features such as safety belt pretensioners, airbags and certain electrical systems. Check your vehicle against this list of vehicles that have come to our attention. You’ll need to know the vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number. 

Note 1: This list is not comprehensive and some listed vehicles may have been restored to acceptable standards.
Note 2: When searching for Japanese vehicle that was previously registered in Japan you must search using the vehicle manufacturer’s chassis number. 

*W – flood-water damaged vehicle
*F – fire damaged vehicle
*S – statutory write-off
*WS – flood/water damaged vehicle and statutory write-off
*FS – fire damaged vehicle and statutory write-off

VIN/Chassis Make Model Damaged* Date
WAUZZZ8R8AA098918 AUDI Q5 S 26 July 2016
MMU148PK0GH621506 HOLDEN Colorado S 26 July 2016
KMHDH41EMEU218059 HYUNDAI Elantra S 26 July 2016
WAUZZZ8X1EB155913 AUDI A1 S 26 July 2016
WVWZZZ3CZFE821996 VOLKSWAGEN Passat S 26 July 2016
MR0FZ29G101742057 TOYOTA Hilux S 26 July 2016
MNAUM1F50FW401084 FORD Ranger S 26 July 2016
MNAUMFF50FW408886 FORD Ranger S 26 July 2016
6G1PD6EM9EL969783 HOLDEN Cruze S 26 July 2016
MM0UP0YF100118601 MAZDA BT50 S 26 July 2016
WDF63970323712890 MERCEDES-BENZ Valente S 26 July 2016
6FPAAAJGAT9G63531 FORD Territory S 26 July 2016
6FPAAAJGSWEP69379 FORD Falcon S 26 July 2016
JF2SJ9KC5FG055709 SUBARU Forester S 26 July 2016
KL3CD2669EB006860 HOLDEN Captiva S 26 July 2016
JTMDFREV90J029192 TOYOTA Rav4 S 26 July 2016
JF1VAFKH3FG006871 SUBARU WRX S 26 July 2016
KL3DA26U9EB038515 HOLDEN Captiva S 26 July 2016
MRHRM4840GP061223 HONDA CRV S 26 July 2016