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Exemption from paying registration and licensing fees (exempt Class A)

While you still have to register and license them, some vehicles are exempt from registration and licensing fees. These include:

  • a pedestrian-controlled goods service vehicle

  • a motor vehicle propelled and supported solely by self-laying tracks

  • an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)

  • any mobile machinery used on roads only in road construction zones in accordance with notices declaring such zones. Mobile machinery means:

    (a) a motor vehicle designed and used primarily for earthmoving or construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, ditches, or buildings, but

    (b) excludes any motor vehicle designed primarily for carrying passengers or goods or any motor vehicle designed for carrying passengers or goods to which machinery has been added

  • a logging truck or logging trailer that is unladen and is only used on a road while being taken directly to a place of, and for the purpose of, inspection, servicing, repair, or obtaining evidence of vehicle inspection.

Factsheet 27: Exempt vehicles from registration and licensing [PDF, 73 KB]