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Minimum 3 months
Maximum 12 months

If you’re not going to use your vehicle on the road for at least three months, you can apply for a temporary exemption from the requirement to continually license your vehicle. The maximum exemption period is 12 months, but you can apply for subsequent exemptions.

The exemption will take effect from when the current licence or existing exemption expires.

Apply online or at an agent

You can apply for an exemption online or at a licensing agent.

Apply for an exemption online
Find an agent in your area

Applying for this exemption online will save you time and money.

Compare the vehicle registration and licensing fees

If you apply for a temporary exemption after your existing licence or exemption has expired, you'll need to pay any outstanding fees before we process your application.

If you want to use your vehicle on the road during the exemption period

You must relicense it before you use it. If you relicense your vehicle during the first three months of the exemption period (the minimum exemption period is three months), we’ll backdate your new licence to the expiry date of your original licence, exemption or change in registered person – whichever is most recent.

When your exemption expires

You need to either:

Download Factsheet 49: Vehicle licensing