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Revised vehicle certification administration fees came into effect on 1 November 2014. The changes include:

  • a range of increases and decreases in vehicle certification (label) fees
  • the withdrawal of fees relating to the routine auditing of inspecting organisations and vehicle inspectors, and the introduction of an hourly rate for non-routine reviews
  • the introduction of single generic application fees for all types of inspecting organisation and vehicle inspector
  • a broadening in the scope of when an hourly rate is charged and a revision of the hourly rate
  • a revision of the fees relating to other certification services and the fees paid by vehicle importers.


A review of vehicle certification administration fees was carried out in late 2013/early 2014. Cabinet approved the changes for implementation on 1 November 2014.

The review revised the fees to reflect changes to warrant of fitness and certificate of fitness services, to help recover the one-off costs associated with making the service changes, and to ensure that the ongoing delivery of certification services is cost effective and sustainable.

Download the vehicle certification administration fees guide [PDF, 137 KB]
Download the vehicle certification administration fees questions and answers [PDF, 121 KB]

Vehicle certification (label) fees

Vehicle certification fees fund the activities associated with the general administration of the vehicle certification system, including the national vehicle certification database and the Transport Agency contact centre.

From 1 November 2014 vehicle certification fees will fund the performance monitoring and review of inspecting organisations and vehicle inspectors.

Certification label type

Old fee (incl GST)

Revised fee (incl GST)

Warrant of fitness (WoF) $0.83 $1.78
Certificate of fitness (CoF) $2.45 $7.48
Entry certification (new) $2.55 $1.55
Entry certification (used) $1.94 $1.94
Heavy vehicle specialist $6.54 $5.18
Repair $14.82 $4.43
Low-volume vehicle $39.61 $15.93
Issuing a replacement certification (e.g. WoF or CoF) label Between $7.66 and $16.35 Fee has been removed

Performance review fees

To ensure quality and consistency in vehicle inspections, inspecting organisations and vehicle inspectors are regularly reviewed by the Transport Agency. Previously these audits were paid for by the inspecting organisations and cost between $594.42 and $912.85 (incl GST) depending on the type of review.

From 1 November 2014, inspecting organisations will no longer be charged a fee for routine audits; instead, the cost of performance review activities will be recovered from certification fees. Non-routine reviews will be charged at a rate of $184 per hour. Refer to the section below, 'Hourly rate charging for vehicle certification services', for more information.

One-off application fees

Application fees are paid by parties interested in becoming authorised inspecting organisations or vehicle inspectors, when they submit applications to the Transport Agency.

Inspecting organisation fees type

Old fee (incl GST)

Revised inspecting organisation application fee (incl GST)

Warrant of fitness (WoF) $509.07 $1437.50 
(This fee includes one site assessment. Additional sites will incur an additional charge)
Certificate of fitness (CoF) $834.13
Entry (used) $523.89
Low-volume vehicle $527.98


Vehicle inspector fees

Old fee (incl GST)

Revised vehicle inspector application fee (incl GST)

WoF certifier $68.69 $494.50
CoF certifier $68.69
Entry (used) certifier $68.69
Low-volume vehicle certifier $318.93
Heavy vehicle certifier $318.93
Repair certifier $592.89
Entry (new ) certifier $68.69 Revoked

Other certification fees

The following fixed fees are based on an hourly rate of $184.00 and the average time taken to provide each service.


Old fee (incl GST)

Revised fee (incl GST)

Identification as an immigrant's vehicle $51.12 $184.00
Special interest vehicle permit $153.33 $184.00
Left-hand drive vehicle permit $153.33 $184.00
Fee payable by importer of used vehicle $20.45 $6.33

Hourly rate charging for vehicle certification services and non-routine reviews

The scope of when an hourly rate is charged is being broadened to cover other vehicle certification services.

The hourly rate has also been revised to $184 to reflect more accurately the current average cost to the Transport Agency of providing these services.

The Transport Agency will charge an hourly rate:

  • when certification services that are provided for an inspecting organisation, vehicle inspector or an applicant do not warrant charging the full application fee. For example, an hourly rate will be charged for:
    • adding a new inspection site
    • relocating an existing inspection site
    • adding a new certification type to an existing authorisation
  • when conducting non-routine monitoring and reviewing of inspecting organisations
  • for applications for exemptions from vehicle-related compliance rules.

To provide some certainty for inspecting organisations and vehicle inspectors regarding what it may cost to provide vehicle certification services at an hourly rate, the Transport Agency has developed the vehicle certification administration fees guide [PDF, 137 KB], which includes calculated indicative fees based on how long it  takes, on average, to provide the certification services.