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We've put together a photo library for cycling in New Zealand.

The result is a collection of photos that are vibrant, show kiwi landmarks and reflect everyday New Zealanders who cycle in a variety of settings. Taken across five different urban areas – Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Nelson and Christchurch, the images reflect the diversity of people who cycle in our country and show the changing landscape for cycling in New Zealand.

These images will help us start on the journey of changing perceptions of cycling in New Zealand and make cycling a part of everyday life. They will be an important part of our communications and engagement activity for cycling.

We’ve obtained third party licensing for the photos, which means local councils and other partners can request to use these images, and we welcome their use.

You can view low-res, watermarked images in the library on Flickr (external link) .

Examples from categories used in the library:

If you want to use these images you can download our photo request form [DOCX, 76 KB]. Once you’ve completed the form, send it to and we will be in touch.

Similarly, if you have any questions email

Please do not use the photos without seeking permission from the NZ Transport Agency.